D&D Miniatures12/17/2003

Lawful Evil:
Bad Like Baaz, Cool As Kapak

Dragoneye introduces two of the world of Dragonlance's most popular evil minions, the Baaz and Kapak Draconians. For full details on the Draconians, check out page 15 of the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. For the purposes of the skirmish player fielding (or fighting against) a Lawful Evil warband, the key information is that weird things happen to Draconians when they die.

Stone Killer: Baaz Draconian

As common minis, Baaz Draconians are likely to show up in waves. This can have odd consequences for everyone's battleplans, because the Baaz alter the battle grid by their passing. When reduced to 0 hit points, a Baaz Draconian turns into a statue, permanently altering the terrain. This can be deceptively powerful, especially in battles against Large creatures or in scenarios that pivot on controlling space, such as Contested Ground or Statue Race.

You Die, She Dies, Everybody Dies: Kapak Draconian

The Kapak Draconian is an Uncommon figure. It's more versatile than the Baaz, capable of fighting decently in melee and of firing a powerful bow. It's usually best to keep Kapaks spread out, however, because when a Kapak is reduced to 0 hit points it melts to acid. In the skirmish game, the acid death burst has a chance of damaging any creature adjacent to the erstwhile Kapak. In unusual circumstances, this can result in a chain meltdown of Kapaks straight across the board. If you keep your troops a bit spread out, you should be able to turn each Kapak's death into another shot at damaging your enemy. If this type of victory-in-defeat strategy appeals to you, Dragoneye has other Lawful Evil miniatures that make the tactic work even better but we'll let you find those on your own.

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