D&D Miniatures12/13/2003

It’s Good to be Chaotic:
Three CG Newcomers
in Dragoneye

A New Commander: Copper Samurai

Do you roll more 20s than your opponents? Do your warbands luck out of situations they have no right to survive thanks to the timely roll of a critical hit? Do you find yourself thinking, "Well, I only need to roll a 20 to hit this guy?" because you're so accustomed to rolling 20s?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Copper Samurai is your new commander. Any follower within 6 squares of the Samurai that rolls a 20 with an attack gets another attack at the same bonus! The Samurai's commander effect doesn't apply to itself, of course, but with a powerful bow and even better hand-to-hand abilities, the Samurai is one CG commander that can take care of itself no matter which way the battle swings.

Along with the Red Samurai from Chaotic Evil, the Copper Samurai is a dragon samurai from the prestige class newly introduced in TheMiniatures Handbook.

A New Speedy Ranged Attacker: Halfling Outrider

Speed, ranged attack, melee power, and even a Powerful Charge +10 ability using her lance: the Halfling Outrider has it all. At a price, of course, but for flexibile response to any scenario or enemy, the Outrider is tough to beat. Thanks to the Cleric of Yondalla, Chaotic Good isn't the only faction that benefits: the Outrider is the first ranged attacker playable in a Lawful Good warband who merits respect.

The Halfling Outrider is on the scene thanks to The Complete Warrior. Early response indicates that the Outrider is likely to be one of Dragoneye's most popular minis. A halfling riding a wardog?! Even people who dislike the concept have been confessing that they like the mini. People who like the concept from the start are having puppies of joy.

A New Spellcaster: Half-Elf Sorcerer

The Half-Elf Sorcerer is Chaotic Good's new low-level utility spellcaster. Need magic weapon to overcome your enemy's DR? The Half-Elf can cast it up to four times. Or maybe you'd rather just shoot away at your enemy -- use the sorcerer's four spells as magic missiles and you've got the equivalent of a ranged attacker who can be sure to hit four turns in a row. The Half-Elf Sorcerer isn't durable but if you mix a few with Chaotic Good's barbarian fighters and a commander, you'll be certain to put damage on the enemy even when they're locked in melee with your front line.

As with the Stonechild elsewhere in the Dragoneye set, WotC published a metal version of this mini earlier in its miniature efforts.

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