D&D Miniatures
Spicing Up the Mix:
Lawful Good’s Four Stars
in Dragoneye

Lawful Good can hold its own in the Harbinger environment but some of its best warbands lack spice. Solid defense, Lawful Good's strength, often isn't as exciting as Chaotic Evil's massive damage or Chaotic Good's plethora of spells.

There's good news in Dragoneye, where four new Lawful Good minis will help solve the faction's image problem.

Solution from the Commons: Stonechild

The Stonechild comes to D&D courtesy of The Miniatures Handbook. Warbands presently built around Harbinger's Dwarf Axefighter will need to consider the Stonechild as a slightly more flexible alternative. The Stonechild is neither the Axefighter's equal in AC or hit points, nor can the Stonechild match the Axefighter's high save. What the Stonechild lacks in defense it makes up with offense: a melee attack that inflicts 15 damage and a close-range ranged attack. As a creature of the elements, the Stonechild can enchant pieces of the earth and hurl them with deadly force. A single Stonechild in your warband can force the enemy to close to avoid an endless close-range rain of magic stones. The tactical flexibility the Stonechild adds to Lawful Good warbands means that it should often appear alongside the more durable dwarves.

Lions, Falcons, & Monks

Most warbands are built around their commander. Without command, a warband lacks tactical maneuverability, the ability to rally, and a chance to compete in any but the most basic scenarios. The new Lion Falcon Monk gives Lawful Good the option to avoid playing with a commander. As D&D Miniatures first Independent creature, the Lion Falcon Monk doesn't need a commander to stay in command. With Speed, Mobility, a stunning attack, and two uses of a smite ability that allows him to inflict up to 20 damage with a single blow, the Lion Falcon Monk excels at blowing past enemy lines and eliminating soft spellcasters and commanders. In scenarios that emphasize maneuver, such as Statue Race and Eternal Battle, the Lion Falcon Monk can race into positions that would place other Lawful Good monks out of command.

Three Power Words: Purple. Dragon. Knight.

Like the Lion Falcon Monk, the Purple Dragon Knight most recently appeared in the pages of The Complete Warrior. This fighter has a longer pedigree as one of the leaders of the army of Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms. What works for Cormyr is likely to work for skirmish players, thanks to the Knight's once-per-game ability to force nearby creatures to make a morale save or rout. The Knight's fear cone spell can also affect creatures in your warband but given the Knight's high Commander Rating and Lawful Good's tendency toward high saves, you're less likely to suffer than your foes. Enemies that can stand up to the Purple Dragon Knight's battle cry still must overcome combat abilities that put him on par with Harbinger's Human Blackguard.

The Golden Opportunity: Gold Champion

It's not the big kahuna, a gold dragon, but a half-dragon champion who happens to be half gold dragon is the next best thing. What the Purple Dragon Knight can accomplish with his battlecry, the Gold Champion can accomplish with his fiery breath and his magic sword. Team him up with another Lawful Good creature who can increase his AC and you'll have the best defense the game can offer to go along with this incredible attack.

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