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Dust Off Your Chainmail Miniatures

Many of the metal miniatures produced for the Chainmail game are similar to the plastic figures now available as D&D Miniatures. If you play in a sanctioned D&D Miniatures event, you can use those Chainmail figures as substitutes for their plastic counterparts and still have a legal warband. You'll need the correct D&D Miniatures data card for each figure, of course, not the Chainmail card.

The following list is the current official equivalence list (see 602 Authorized Models & Stat Cards) of past metal figures that can be used in lieu of D&D Miniatures from the Dragoneye and Harbinger sets.

Chainmail/D&D Miniatures Equivalents
Chainmail D&D Chainmail D&D
Abyssal Maw Abyssal Maw Half-Orc Assassin Half-Orc Assassin
Azer Trooper Azer Raider Half-Orc Fighter Half-Orc Fighter
Very Young Brass Dragon Brass Dragon Hell Hound Hell Hound
Bugbear Trooper Bugbear Human Conscript Human Commoner
Centaur Trooper Centaur Hyena Hyena
Dwarf Cleric Cleric of Moradin Kuo-Toa Trooper Kuo-Toa
Human Death Cleric Cleric of Nerull Very Young Red Dragon Large Red Dragon
Crested Felldrake Crested Felldrake Human Warrior Man-at-Arms
Dire Boar Dire Boar Crazed Minotaur Cultist Minotaur
Displacer Beast Displacer Beast Ogre Trooper Ogre
Drow Archer Drow Archer Orc Berserker Orc Berserker
Drow Soldier Drow Fighter Orc Druid Orc Druid
Drow Warrior Drow Warrior Orc Gangfighter Orc Spearfighter
Drow Wizard Drow Wizard Orc Trooper Orc Warrior
Dwarf People's Guard Dwarf Axefighter Owlbear Owlbear
Dwarf Zealot Dwarf Barbarian Salamander Trooper Salamander
Wood Elf Scout Elf Archer Stonechild Stonechild
Gray Elf Wizard Elf Pyromancer Half-Dragon Mage Silver Sorcerer
Wood Elf Ranger Elf Ranger Human Swiftwing Disciple Sun Soul Initiate
Gray Elf Warrior Elf Spearguard Human Paladin Sword of Heironeous
Ghoul Ghoul Tiefling Fighter Tiefling Captain
Gnoll Trooper Gnoll Zombie Troglodyte Troglodyte Zombie
Goblin Scout Goblin Sneak Werewolf Trooper Werewolf
Goblin Trooper Goblin Warrior Skeletal War Dog Wolf Skeleton
Grimlock Trooper Grimlock Wood Elf Skirmisher Wood Elf Skirmisher
Half-Elf Sorcerer Half-Elf Sorcerer Hobgoblin Fighter Urthok the Vicious
A Few Examples
Azer Trooper Azer Raider Wood Elf Skirmisher Wood Elf Skirmisher
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