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Afternoon Adventure with D&D

Welcome to the Afternoon Adventure with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS program description page. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the program, we have run out of kits to send out. In order to help you run your own Afternoon Adventures for Dungeons & Dragons in your library, we have provided the materials for the program in a downloadable format below.

What is D&D?
A worldwide pop culture phenomenon for thirty years, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D®) is a game played with books, paper and pencils. Players create characters that go on a journey together through a fantasy realm to discover treasure, fight monsters, and triumph over adversity. Teens love D&D because it’s exciting. Educators love D&D because it thrives on creativity, imagination, and cooperation (with a bit of math and reading thrown in).

I’m a librarian, where do I go for more D&D books for my library?
For more D&D titles, as well as all other Wizards of the Coast fiction, please contact your book distributor.

Where can I find a library that’s running the Afternoon Adventures program?
Please contact your local library to find out if they are running the program.

I’m a parent, and I love the afternoon program and want to get more D&D books and related products?
To find more Dungeons & Dragons books and related accessories, please visit your favorite hobby or bookstore. If they don’t carry D&D, ask them to!

What if I have rules questions about D&D?
For rules questions about D&D, please visit our knowledge base.

Downloadable materials

For rules questions about D&D, please visit our knowledge base.

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