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So, you have a great idea for an adventure and you want to share it with the world? Here’s what you need to know about writing for Living Forgotten Realms.

Read the Dungeon Master’s Guide

If you haven’t read the Dungeon Master’s Guide, you should definitely do so. It is chock full of critical advice for writing your own encounters and adventures. This is your number one writing resource for Living Forgotten Realms. Pay particular attention to chapters 3-6.

Read the Writer’s Guidelines

Your number two writing resource is the Living Forgotten Realms Writer’s Guidelines.Download the writer's guidelines (zip/pdf 132 KB) and read over the document very thoroughly. The fastest way to have your adventure proposal or adventure draft declined is ignoring the information presented in this document.

Submit a Proposal

Each region has a writing director that accepts proposals. You should send an email to the point-of-contact listed on the Community page for the region you’ve selected to write your proposal. The point-of-contact will forward your information to the writing director of the region, who will contact you about your proposal. If you are proposing a core adventure, send an email to the point-of-contact of your home region (where you live), and explicitly state that your proposal is for a core adventure. The point-of-contact will forward your proposal to the global administrators for review. If your proposal is accepted by the regional writing director and the global administrators, it will be forwarded to Wizards for final review.

Start Writing!

If the proposal has been approved by all parties, you will receive the adventure template from your writing director. You will have approximately 6 weeks to write the first draft of the adventure and submit it to your writing director. You will receive comments from your writing director and possibly the global administrators on your adventure, and will have a couple weeks to integrate the changes and submit your final draft. The final draft will undergo a final approval at Wizards by the RPGA Content Designer and R&D. Once the review is done and final changes are made, the adventure will be placed in the queue and you will be issued a contract for your work.

Important Information

Here are a few key pieces of information for you to keep in mind as you begin and work through the writing process:

  • Wizards is paying you for your work, so we expect a professional job. You need to be flexible and open to critical advice about your writing.
  • Since we are purchasing your work, we retain the right to alter, modify, or adjust your adventure as necessary to fit the needs of the Living Forgotten Realms campaign.

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