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Dungeons & Dragons Living Forgotten Realms.

The next generation of massive shared-world Dungeons & Dragons gaming is here with Living Forgotten Realms. This page serves as a portal to information on the campaign and has everything you need to start playing once the campaign begins on August 14!

What is Living Forgotten Realms?

Living Forgotten Realms (or LFR for short) is a new regionalized RPGA Living campaign, and the first to utilize the new 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. Players create characters and assign them to a specific region set in the Forgotten Realms. Characters can be played in any LFR adventure that supports their levels of play, anywhere. All non-special LFR adventures will be available for play no matter where you live in the world. As your character plays adventures, it earns experience points, gold, and magic items which stay with you from game to game. There are dozens of unique adventures each year!

What Do I Need to Play?

In order to participate in the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, you’ll need the same things you’d need for any other D&D game (Player’s Handbook, dice, character sheet), plus a few other things.

  • You’ll need to get an RPGA number to play, as this will track your play officially and allow you to earn RPGA Rewards points. You can obtain an RPGA number when you attend your first Living Forgotten Realms event, or check out the information posted in the Wizards Help Site.
  • You’ll need to print out your first adventure log and advancement tracker. Both of those documents can be found in the RPGA Character Creation Guide, available on the Character Creation page.
  • You might also want to have a copy of the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide (available September 16, 2009). This book introduces tons of new options for your character! Check out the sneak peek on the Character Creation page!

Tell Me More!

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