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Each character in Living Forgotten Realms comes from a region in the world of Abeir-Toril – a place they can call home. The region you select for your character may define some of your roleplaying elements – how the character feels about the world, what kinds of clothes the character wears, and even the character’s reason for adventuring. In addition, being a part of a region gives you a game benefit for selecting that background. Once you’re off on grand adventures, you might also find that playing your region’s adventures might give you an edge over travelers from other lands from time to time!

The Regional System

Living Forgotten Realms uses a regional system; that is, the world is divided up into smaller chunks which correspond to an area in the Forgotten Realms. There are 12 regions in LFR. Six of these regions are in the US (the area with the highest concentration of RPGA play); the other six are spread out over the rest of the world. The regions are:

  • Northeast US – Cormyr
  • Southeast US – Aglarond
  • North Central US – Waterdeep
  • Southwest US – Tymanther
  • Western US – Moonshae Isles
  • Pacific US – East Rift
  • Canada – Akanul
  • Latin America/Caribbean – Baldur’s Gate
  • UK/Ireland/South Africa – Luruar
  • Nothern Europe/Russia – Dalelands
  • Southern Europe/Turkey – Impiltur
  • Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Asia – Dragon Coast

Download the map (zip/pdf 280 KB) for more information. You do not have any restrictions on what regional adventures you play; the regions are for administrative and community-building purposes.

The Role of Regions

There are 12 regions available for your character. Select one of those regions and note your choice on your character sheet (make sure you write down the attendant benefit as well). You might also want to check out the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide (available August 19 and September 16, respectively) for more information about your region and the Realms. Other character benefits to regions will become available as the campaign progresses.


Aglarond is a nation balanced on a knife edge, surviving in spite of the odds. Elves, half-elves, and humans call it home. They dwell along Aglarond’s broad, sweeping coastline and in the boughs of the expansive central forest known as the Yuirwood.

Regional Benefit: You add Elven to your list of languages known, you add Perception to your class skill list, and you gain a +1 bonus to Perception checks.


Akanūl is a land defined by extreme geography, eldritch beasts, and genasi. Anew nation formed in the devastated and warped lands between Chessenta and Chondath, Akanūl has overcome great adversity and is now a name to be respected and feared.

Regional Benefit: You gain resist 2 cold, resist 2 fire, and resist 2 thunder (or your existing resistance to these damage types increases by 2). At 11th level, these values improve to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level, they improve to resist 5 (or increase by 5).

Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is a city of opportunity and fair laws. By some accounts, it has swelled to become the most populated city in all of Faerūn.

Regional Benefit: You know one additional language of your choice, you add the Streetwise skill to your class skill list, and you gain a +2 bonus to Streetwise checks.


The Forest Kingdom of Cormyr lies at the western end of the Sea of Fallen Stars, nestled between the Storm Horns and the Thunder Peaks and stretching from the Stonelands to the Dragonmere. Dominated by humankind, Cormyr has been ruled by House Obarskyr for over fourteen centuries, with the strong backing of an army of heavily armored knights on Cormyrian destriers and magically potent war mages.

Regional Benefit: You add Insight to your class skill list, you gain a +2 bonus to Insight checks, and you gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against fear effects.


Along the periphery of the elf-ruled forest of Cormanthor lie the Dalelands, a group of loosely allied communities that share common cultures and traditions. Linked by winding trade roads and their alliance against the encroaching powers to the north, west, and south, the Dales are known for their lush forests, fertile farmland, and fierce independence.

Regional Benefit: You can reroll any Nature check, but you must keep the second result, even if it is worse. You also gain a +1 bonus on initiative checks.

Dragon Coast

Mention of the Dragon Coast evokes images of dark alleys and underhanded dealings, of thieves’ guilds and pirate ships. The Dragon Coast summons adventure to it as few other places in Faerūn do. As a result of recent changes, the traditionally safe places of this region have grown a little safer, but the dangerous parts have grown much deadlier.

Regional Benefit: You can reroll any Insight check, but you must keep the second result, even if it is worse. You also gain one additional language of your choice.

East Rift

Huddled on the eastern shelf of the yawning Underchasm, East Rift is a living symbol of gold dwarf ingenuity and stubbornness, having survived when the surface collapsed into the bowels of the Underdark. Protected by enormous towers connected by a high curtain wall, the gold dwarves are ready to defend themselves against the drow or any other horror that rises from the depths.

Regional Benefit: You gain Deep Speech as an additional language, you add Dungeoneering to your class skill list, and you gain a +2 bonus to Dungeoneering checks.


The star of Impiltur has fallen. The retreat of the sea, coupled with widespread corruption, has led this region into decline. The people of this once-great nation huddle in fear as their kingdom unravels around them.

Regional Benefit: Add the higher of your Wisdom score or your Constitution score to your starting hit points (instead of automatically adding your Constitution score). Your number of healing surges is still based on your Constitution score.


Luruar is a land of friendship and safety, a defensive league of strong, independent cities. It offers a new start for people with ruined lives, welcoming those of all races and backgrounds, as long as their intentions are noble.

Regional Benefit: You can reroll any History check, but you must keep the second result, even if it is worse. You also gain one additional language of your choice.

Moonshae Isles

Off the western coast of Faerūn lies an archipelago known as the Moonshae Isles. Home to two human cultures, the druidic folk and the seafaring Northlanders, the Moonshae Isles are beset by encroaching threats from the Feywild and Amnian mercenaries bent on conquest.

Regional Benefit: You know Elven as an additional language, and you gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against charm and fear effects.


The interloper nation of Tymanther squats atop the ruins of Unther, dominated by the citadel-city of Djerad Thymar. The dragonborn citizens of this new nation are a proud race of warriors, known for their hatred of dragons and their ilk.

Regional Benefit: You add Athletics to your class skill list, and you gain a +2 bonus to Athletics checks.


Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, is a center of commerce, where representatives of every race, creed, and nation come to trade, spread rumors, and make their fortunes.

Regional Benefit: You know one additional language of your choice, you add Diplomacy to your class skill list, and you gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks.

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