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Are you getting people together to play Living Forgotten Realms? Want to know where to get the adventures and set up your event? Your answers are right here!

How Do I Become an Organizer?

It’s straightforward to get access to the robust RPGA library and start setting up your events. Just follow these instructions, and you’ll be ready to go!

  • Get an RPGA number. You can obtain an RPGA number when you attend your first Living Forgotten Realms event, or sign up to become an organizer through the Wizards Play Network. You should be aware that if you obtain an RPGA number through an event, the number needs to be activated at Wizards before you're able to move on to the next step. It typically takes 2-4 weeks for numbers to be activated.
  • Take the Herald-level DM exam. You don't need to complete this step if you became an organizer through the Wizards Play Network. Log in to the Judge Center, and follow the instructions there to take the exam. You have 60 minutes to answer 20 questions about the D&D game. Don't worry if you fail the first time; you can take it again a short time later. Once you've passed, you're an organizer! Congratulations!

Ordering an RPGA Event

Once you’re set up as an organizer, all you need to do is decide what sort of event you want to run for Living Forgotten Realms – do you want to play at home with your friends, work with a retail store, hold a gameday in a public location for a few tables of players, or organize a convention for hundreds (or even more)? Then just follow these steps to set up your event!

  • Browse the adventure page. Get an idea of what adventures you’d like to offer for your event; you can even see if an adventure has been played recently in your area.
  • Sign in to your profile and place the event order. Just follow the easy instructions on the screen to set up your event information. If your event is public, it will be listed on the calendar for all to see!
  • The adventures will be available for download 2 weeks before your event (or when you ordered, if your event is less than 2 weeks away). You can download them right from your profile page.
  • Advertise your event, recruit DMs, and get ready to show Living Forgotten Realms players a great time!

Reporting Your Event

After you’ve finished your event, make sure to report all the play in a timely fashion; just login to your profile and click on the link for your event to report it. Player rewards and character tracking information depend on a quick reporting turnaround.

Questions on Event Organizing

  • If you have questions on organizing an RPGA event, you can use our Knowledge Base online to find answers or contact our Game Support department.
  • If you have questions or issues with sanctioning, you can email us directly at dci@wizards.com.
  • Lastly, if you have questions specific to Living Forgotten Realms, we have event managers that can help you with your issue. Simply send an email to the appropriate point-of-contact listed on the Community page for your region, explain what you need, and they’ll forward it along to the event manager.

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