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While the Living Forgotten Realms campaign may be massive, sometimes it can be hard to know where to go to find a game, discuss the campaign with other players, or ask the administrators a question. Fear not, the community page has the answers!

Finding a Game

You might have your own home group that meets weekly to play LFR adventures, and that’s great. But one of the advantages of the Living Forgotten Realms campaign is that you can take your character anywhere and feel confident that you can jump into a game even with a group of people you’ve never met before. If you want to join the fun of playing in a public location, such as a gameday or convention, simply go to the RPGA Event Calendar to find a Living Forgotten Realms game near you! You can also look for a store in your area by using our Find a Store locator tool.

Talk About the Campaign

Want to share stories of your grand adventures? Get advice on your character’s build? Discuss the hottest news or latest rumors in the campaign? Visit the official Living Forgotten Realms forums to do all that and more.

Contact an Administrator

Each region in Living Forgotten Realms is assigned to a real-world place. The real-world region is administered by 3 volunteers, each of which has a specific task – point-of-contact, event manager, and writing director. They help to answer questions and provide support for players in their regions. Above the regional administrators are the global administrators – a team of 3 individuals that oversee the campaign as a whole and are contracted directly by Wizards. Currently, the global administrators are Pieter Sleijpen (Eastern Hemisphere), Shawn Merwin (Western Hemisphere – North), and Sean Molley (Western Hemisphere – South). Their boss is the RPGA Content Designer (also known as Chris Tulach), a full-time employee of Wizards that is responsible for the direction and deployment of campaign resources.

Points-of-contact for each region

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