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Creating your own character for Living Forgotten Realms is about as straightforward as creating a character for any other D&D campaign. In fact, you could simply follow all the rules in the Player’s Handbook to create your new 1st-level LFR character (just remember to use Method 1 or 2 for ability scores). However, there are some additional features that Living Forgotten Realms characters have that you might be interested in knowing about when you create your character.

Read the RPGA Character Creation Guide

Your first step to making a Living Forgotten Realms character is to download the RPGA Character Creation Guide (zip/pdf 285 kb). This document has all the rules for making characters for RPGA play. The Living Forgotten Realms campaign has a special appendix in the document; simply read the general section and then flip to the rules for LFR. Don’t forget to choose a region for your character, as that may have an impact on your upcoming adventures!

Grab a Character Sheet

You can download a character sheet from the Wizards site, or you can purchase a pack of Character Record Sheets from your local store. The pack also contains the very handy power cards so you can keep all your powers right at your fingertips rather than flipping through books during your game session.

Print Out the Adventure Log and Advancement Tracker

Attached to the RPGA Character Creation Guide (zip/pdf 300 KB) is an adventure log and advancement tracker. You’ll want to print out a copy of each of those pages when you play your first session. You’ll use them to keep track of essential notes as your character adventures throughout Faerūn.

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