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The Living Forgotten Realms campaign offers many play opportunities, delivering new content every week! Check out our recent and upcoming adventure offerings below, and check in on this page every so often for updates!

Playing Adventures More Than Once

In the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, play of a specific adventure is not limited to once per player. Rather, you can play each adventure once for each character you possess (assuming that each character qualifies to play the adventure). You can also play an adventure after you’ve run it as the Dungeon Master. If you play an adventure again, just let the DM know at the beginning of the game that you’ve already played it, and don’t ruin the surprises for anyone else that might be experiencing the adventure for the first time.

Adapted Adventures

Occasionally, the Living Forgotten Realms campaign staff will adapt an adventure produced by Wizards of the Coast. These adventures are either for sale at your local store or are available through Dungeon magazine on D&D Insider. When an adventure is adapted, it means that you must obtain a copy of the adventure independent of the RPGA ordering system to DM it. When you order the adapted adventure from the RPGA database, you’ll receive the documentation needed to play the adventure for Living Forgotten Realms.

Campaign Adventures

Each week, new adventures will roll out from the RPGA to support the Living Forgotten Realms campaign. All of these adventures are designed to be played in about 4 hours -- a nice fit for an evening game or for convention play. Each adventure has a level range, and a character's level must be in that range to participate. A character too high or too low cannot play the adventure. Campaign adventures are either regional adventures (they are set in one of the regions your character could choose as a background) or core adventures (adventures from areas outside of the LFR regions).

Special Adventures

Twice a year, at D&D Experience and Gen Con Indy, the RPGA releases a special adventure -- a double-length (8 hours) adventure that’s generally a little more challenging than our campaign adventures. These adventures are designed to be showcased at select conventions after the big shows but are playable anywhere a few months after they premier. Watch our news page for more information about where you can find these specials!

Quest Adventures

Special quest adventures are playable by those who complete the tasks on a quest rewards card, unlocking a special play opportunity. Quest rewards cards are available through the RPGA Rewards program. There are no quest adventures planned for 2008, but 2009 will bring QUES1-1 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries to those that have successfully completed the Zhentarim Infiltration mission.

My Realms Adventures

My Realms adventures are designed to allow a DM to create their own custom LFR adventure that they can run for their group. Want to give your group some action while traveling from the Dalelands to the Moonshae Isles? Have an unresolved storyline from a previously played adventure? Does a PC want to go on a special quest to deal with a deep dark secret in their past? My Realms adventures are the answer! Characters earn XP and treasure just like any other campaign adventure.

Adventure Release Schedules

Click on the links below to download a schedule of adventures released in the time period listed.

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