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Living Forgotten Realms News

As of Friday, June 5, organizers are no longer able to report character-specific information from Living Forgotten Realms adventures. Players are now completely responsible for tracking their character's XP, gold, and magic item bundles earned from play of Living Forgotten Realms adventures. DMs running individual tables do not need to fill in any character-specific information on their tracking forms (although they should still enter adventure questions).

When an organizer reports a Living Forgotten Realms adventure, they now need only enter the DM's DCI/RPGA number, the players' DCI/RPGA numbers, and answer the adventure questions related to the adventure. New tracking forms for all the adventures are being generated and should be added to existing adventure files soon.

Players have three options with which to track their characters' rewards:

  1. Use a paper adventure logsheet. One version is available in the RPGA Character Creation Guide.
  2. Use the D&D Character Builder's Journal entry function (accessible through the "Manage" tab).
  3. Use the free-text tool provided in your DCI/RPGA profile to enter character information. Once you've logged into your profile, simply click on the "My Characters" link on the right-hand navigation to access this feature. You can type whatever information you'd like into the text field.

Note: Players are responsible for bringing their all adventure documentation with them to show past participation in adventures. If you're playing in a multi-adventure event (such as a convention), it's advisable to bring a paper logsheet to add recent adventure activity to your pre-event activity.

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