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Evil Organizations Excerpt

Cult of the Dragon

The Cult of the Dragon is a fellowship of men and women across Faerûn who believe the prophecies of their founder, Sammaster, a crazed archmage and fallen Chosen of Mystra. He revealed through the translation of obscure prophecies that the fate of all the nations of Faerûn was to be ruled by undead dragons. Starting from the time of his discovery of this prophetic vision, Sammaster gathered to him necromancers and others who could assist in preparing for their version of Faerûn's future. Their first goal was the creation of a dracolich, or undead dragon, a task they first accomplished in 902 DR. The rituals and components necessary to create a dracolich were transcribed in the Tome of the Dragon, a holy relic that is now used by the cult's many cells to raise their own dracolich allies.

The Eldreth Veluuthra

The Eldreth Veluuthra is a group of fanatical elf supremacists who have vowed to remove the human scourge from the face of Faerûn. It views humanity as a blight upon the land, little better than an infestation of vermin in dire need of a genocidal housecleaning. Its members operate throughout Faerûn, particularly in ancient elf homelands as well as in those forests largely abandoned during the Elven Retreat, including Ardeep, the Border Forest, the Chondalwood, Cormanthor, the High Forest, the Moonwood, the Neverwinter Woods, and the Winterwood. Wherever human civilization threatens elf interests, the Eldreth Veluuthra works to slow or halt human encroachment -- by any means necessary.

"Members of the Eldreth Veluuthra communicate
silently and secretly in a crowded marketplace."

Sharran Cells

Shar's worship is one of the fastest growing evils in Faerûn, and her clergy and worshipers threaten the stability of many of the regions in which they have taken hold. The church of Shar is composed of cells that act independently of one another, often without knowledge of the other cells. In fact, the secretive nature of these cells often means that the identities of a cell's members are known only to that cell's leader. The primary goal of every cell is to bring as many Faerûnians under Shar's influence as possible, so that eventually their dark mistress can win her eternal war against her sister, Selûne. To this end, the worshipers of Shar spread themselves throughout the populated areas of the continent, searching for weak minds into which they can sow thoughts of meaninglessness and revenge.

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