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Orc Sample Army


Squad 10 privates (normal orcs) plus corporal (barbarian 2) led by sergeant (barbarian 3)
Platoon 3 squads (30 pvt/3 cpl/3 sgt) led by lieutenant (barbarian 4)
Company 2 platoons (60 pvt/6 cpl/6 sgt/2 lt) led by captain (barbarian 5)
Battalion 3 companies (180 pvt/18 cpl/18 sgt/6 lt/3 cap) led by major (barbarian 7)
Regiment 2 battalions (360 pvt/36 cpl/36 sgt/12 lt/6 cap/2 maj) led by colonel (barbarian 9)
Brigade 3 regiments (1,080 pvt/108 cpl/108 sgt/36 lt/18 cap/6 maj/3 col) led by general (barbarian 11)

Elite Guards

Squad 10 sergeants led by lieutenant
Platoon 3 squads (30 sgt/3 lt) led by captain
Company 2 platoons (60 sgt/6 lt/2 cap) led by major
Battalion 3 companies (180 sgt/18 lt/6 cap/3 maj) led by 3 colonels and general


Orcs' tactics are simple: Charge into battle and attack the nearest enemy. Orcs rely on their numbers and the strength of their mighty greataxes to cut most enemy forces down to size. Even with a corporal and a sergeant with Weapon Focus (greataxe) in every squad, orc armies have no discipline to speak of. Most soldiers enter a battle frenzy at the first sign of a foe, which leaves them vulnerable if the battle lasts long enough or if it takes too long get into the melee. Orc officers are just as undisciplined as their troops, rushing headlong into battle before sizing up the enemy. This chaos is an orc army's greatest asset and its greatest weakness. It is almost impossible to plan for meeting an orc attack -- but once it begins, delaying tactics often work quite well. Orc homelands are protected by elite guards who are all battle-hardened but still impulsive, throwing themselves into combat with frightening zest.

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