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This entry in a statistics block describes the type of climate and terrain where the creature is typically found. This is a preference, but is not exclusionary. Note that these environments can also exist in portions of dungeons due to magical effects or other supernatural interference, or as features in dungeons or other environment areas.

Any: No preferred environment.

Cold: Arctic and subarctic climes. Any area that has winter-like conditions for the greater portion of the year.

Temperate: Any area that has alternating warm and cold seasons.

Warm: Tropical and subtropical climes. Any area that has summer conditions for the greater portion of the year is warm.

Aquatic: Fresh or salt water.

Deserts: Any dry area with sparse vegetation.

Forests: Any area covered with trees.

Hills: Any area with rugged but not mountainous terrain.

Marshes: Low, flat, waterlogged areas; including swamps.

Mountains: Rugged terrain, with a higher elevation than hills.

Plains: Any fairly flat area that is not a desert, marsh, or forest.

Plane Name: An extraplanar creature's home plane.

Underground: Subterranean areas.

Source: MM, MM3

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