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Sun domain

Deities: Ehlonna, Pelor.

Granted Powers: Once per day, you can perform a greater turning against undead in place of a regular turning. The greater turning is like a normal turning except that the undead creatures that would be turned are destroyed instead.

Sun Domain Spells

1 Endure Elements: Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.

2 Heat Metal: Make metal so hot it damages those who touch it.

3 Searing Light: Ray deals 1d8/two levels, more against undead.

4 Fire Shield: Creatures attacking you take fire damage; you’re protected from heat or cold.

5 Flame Strike: Smite foes with divine fire (1d6/level damage).

6 Fire Seeds: Acorns and berries become grenades and bombs.

7 Sunbeam: Beam blinds and deals 4d6 damage.

8 Sunburst: Blinds all within 10 ft., deals 6d6 damage.

9 Prismatic Sphere: As prismatic wall, but surrounds on all sides.

Source: PHB

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