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Snow and Ice: Magic Items
of the Frozen Lands

In the frozen lands, magic items are often used to protect the user from the ravages of the environment. Explorers and adventurers who seek to travel in such dangerous climates all seek items such as the boots of the winterlands, the cube of frost resistance, and rings of cold resistance. Other items are bonded to the frozen lands, though; rare and precious items crafted by secretive frost giant sorcerers, arctic druids, clerics of icy deities, and even ancient white dragons. These items embody the strength and power of the frozen lands, and the lure of their capture has brought about the frozen doom of many adventuring parties in the past.

Crystal Tear (Minor Artifact): Legends in the frozen lands tell stories of a deity who suffered some great personal tragedy in the ancient past. The exact nature of this deity changes from region to region, but they all agree on one thing. The tears shed by this unknown deity fell to the ground and became frozen, and some of the deity's divine power and emotions became frozen along with them.

A crystal tear looks like a large tear made of ice with flashes of light sparkling in its depths. These are potent minor artifacts; their presence constantly exudes a strong emotion spell effect (as a 20th-level caster) in an emanation with a 15-foot radius. As a free action, the holder of the tear can choose which of the spell's six effects (despair, fear, friendship, hate, hope, or rage) the tear produces. Once an effect is chosen, it operates until the holder changes it. The tear continues to emanate the last emotion the holder chose if the holder puts down the tear.

Living creatures in the emanation can attempt Will saves (DC 16) to avoid the emanation's effects. Those who fail suffer whatever effect the tear is currently producing for as long as they remain within the radius of the emanation and for 1 minute after leaving. Those who successfully save cannot be affected by the tear's current emanation for 1 minute (but must save again if the holder changes the effect.

The holder of the tear finds that his own emotions are completely "drowned out" by the presence of the tear; this effectively keeps the user from experiencing any emotions at all but also has the fortunate side effect of rendering him completely immune to mind-affecting spells and spell-like effects.

Overlapping areas of effect from multiple crystal tears do not stack if they generate identical emotions.

Crystal tears do not melt if brought to warmer climates or if exposed to heat or flame; they always retain a cool temperature regardless of their environs. Despite this, the owner of a crystal tear can cause the tear to melt into liquid by targeting it with a spell that is at least 5th level and carries the fire descriptor. The spell cast is absorbed completely by the tear, which then melts immediately and evaporates in 2d4 rounds. If the melted tear is imbibed before it evaporates, it grants a +4 inherent bonus to one of the drinker's ability scores. The exact score to which the bonus is applied is determined randomly, although it does not apply to a score that already possesses an inherent bonus. If all of the drinker's scores already possess an inherent bonus, the +4 inherent bonus applies to the score with the lowest bonus.

Caster Level: 20th; Weight 4 lb.

Gauntlets of Frost:Gauntlets of frost are made of a pale blue metal and are adorned with light blue runes. The plates that make up the gauntlets always seem to be caked with frost and ice. The wearer of gauntlets of frost can use them to create a ray of frost at will as a standard action.

Three times a day, the user may imbue any melee weapon held in her hand with the frost weapon special ability as a standard action; this causes the weapon to do an additional 1d6 points of cold damage on a successful hit. The weapon retains this quality for 5 rounds.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, chill metal, ray of frost; Market Price: 7,800 gp; Weight: 2 lb.

Icemail Armor: A suit of icemail armor appears to be a suit of transparent breastplate armor carved out of ice. Although it feels cold to the touch, icemail armor keeps the wearer warm and protected from cold, granting cold resistance 30. Icemail armor is much lighter than steel, and although it provides protection equal to that afforded by a suit of +3 breastplate armor, it is considered to be light armor. It has a maximum Dexterity bonus to Armor Class of +5, an armor check penalty of -1, and an arcane spell failure chance of 15%. The arcane spell failure chance for casting spells with the cold descriptor drops to 0%, and the save DCs to resist these spells increases by +2.

Druids can wear icemail armor without violating their druidic vows, as long as they hail from an arctic climate.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Spell Focus (evocation), chill metal, protection from elements; Market Price: 52,000 gp; Weight: 15 lb.

Icicle Rod: An icicle rod looks like nothing more than a 3-foot-long icicle. The rod remains cold to the touch at all times but never melts. While it is held, the wielder gains cold resistance 30. It may be wielded in melee as a +1 frost short sword.

The wielder may fire a small icicle from it as a standard action. This icicle has a maximum range of 1,000 feet, and attacks made with it are resolved as ranged touch attacks that do 2d4 points of cold damage on a hit. Once it hits, the icicle quickly begins to spread frost and ice over the target, doing an additional 2d4 points of cold damage each round for a total of 5 additional rounds after the initial hit. This power may be used three times a day.

As a standard action, you may point the icicle rod at a single target within 250 feet and encase the target in sheets of ice. The victim gains a Reflex save (DC 15) to negate this effect. Failure indicates the victim's limbs are encased in ice, rendering him immobile. A winged creature affected by this power while it is flying falls to the ground. The ice grants the victim one-half cover (+4 cover bonus to AC, +2 cover bonus on Reflex saves), but its extreme cold causes 1d6 points of cold damage per round. The ice persists for 7 rounds, unless it is destroyed. Creatures other than the victim can attack the ice; it has 20 hit points and suffers double damage from fire attacks but is immune to cold attacks. Its break DC is 26, and the Escape Artist DC to wriggle out of it is 30. This power may be used twice per day.

Finally, once a day the wielder of an icicle rod can generate a maximized ice storm as a standard action.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Maximize Spell, ice storm, protection from elements, wall of ice; Market Price: 121,000 gp.

Ring of the White Wyrm: The ring of the white wyrm is fashioned from the tooth of a great wyrm white dragon. The ring can perform the following functions on command:

  • Icewalking at will (as spider climb, but the surfaces the wearer climbs must be icy)
  • Freezing fog 2/day (as solid fog, but the effect also causes a rime of slippery ice to form on any surface the fog touches, creating the effect of a grease spell. The wearer of the ring is immune to the grease effect because of the icewalking power it imparts).
  • Wall of ice 1/day

In addition, the wearer gains the ability to speak and understand the Draconic language as long as the ring is worn and grants the wearer cold resistance 15.

The primary function of the ring, however, is to infuse the wearer with the energies and power of the dragon. Once per day, the wearer may call upon the ring to transform her into a half-dragon. This is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity, and the transformation lasts for an hour. While transformed, the wearer gains the following benefits:

  • +4 natural armor bonus to AC
  • Bite and claw attacks as a half-dragon of the same size as the wearer
  • Breath weapon usable once per transformation (cone of cold, 30 ft. long, 3d6 cold damage, Reflex save DC 16)
  • Immunity to cold damage
  • +8 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma. These bonuses are considered racial bonuses and stack with other racial bonuses the wearer may have.

The ring's transformation power also changes the wearer's appearance into a draconic form. The wearer's general shape and size does not change, although her equipment is altered in shape so it can still be utilized. Unlike polymorph self, the user's equipment does not merge with the new form; it remains in place and fully functional while the user is in half-dragon form. Dragons and half dragons cannot benefit from the effects of the ring's transformation powers, although they can utilize the ring's other abilities.

Rumors abound that other rings exist that are keyed to different dragons and that grant different powers.

Caster Level: 15th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, polymorph self, protection from elements, wall of ice, solid fog, spider climb, creator must be a dragon or half-dragon; Market Price:175,000 gp.

Vial of Icy Sheets: The vial of icy sheetsis a clear fluid that creates a region of slippery ice when its contents are poured upon the ground (a standard action). The fluid spreads from the point of origin to a radius of 10 feet, coating the ground with a thin sheet of slippery ice. All creatures caught in this area must make Reflex saves (DC 11) or slip and fall. Those that successfully save can move at half speed across the surface. Those that remain in the area must make a new saving throw each round to avoid falling and to be able to move.

Alternatively, the vial's contents can be poured upon an object. This encases the object with slippery ice, and if the object is carried or wielded, its wielder must make a Reflex save (DC 11) to avoid dropping the item. A new saving throw must be made each round the item is grasped.

Icy sheets last for 5 rounds before they evaporate away into nothingness. The vial of icy sheets automatically replenishes its supply of liquid once every hour.

The carrier of a vial of icy sheets can walk upon slippery surfaces without fear of falling.

Caster Level: 3rd; Prerequisites: Enlarge Spell, Craft Wondrous Item, grease, ray of frost; Market Price: 13,000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

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