Undermountain Adventures Is Here!
An RPGA Mini-Campaign

What Do I Need to Play?

The answer to this questions, an much more, is included in the character creations guidelines. Download your copy here:

If you're playing in Undermountain Adventures, all you need is the Player's Handbook v.3.5 to make a character. However, you may use many other Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks to expand your character options.

if you're planning on being the Dungeon Master (DM) for a group of players You'll need the Player's Handbook v.3.5, Dungeon Master's Guide v.3.5, Monster Manual v.3.5, and the Expedition to Undermountain adventure. you also may want to use Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures to represent vaious monsters and NPCs the players will encounter throughout their exploration. In addition, each adventure will have an adaptatin document available for download when you order each mini-adventure. You will need this adaptaion docuemnt ot cover special circumstances involved with using the adventure for RPGA sanctioned play.

The newest RPGA mini-campaign launched at Origins 2007 with the first adventure Crypt of Yeldoon. Set in the Forgotten Realms, the mini-campaign is a series of four adventures (one at Origins, three at Gen Con Indy and other locations) that takes you through the most infamous dungeon in Faerūn! Each adventure makes extensive use of material in Expedition to Undermountain, adapting the printed material for RPGA convention play.

Make your own character today by downloading the Undermountain Adventures Character Creation Guide. Character creation is fast and easy. Your new character playing at Gen Con Indy, PAX, Gen Con UK, or Spring Revel Downunder starts at 4th level. Characters that played Crypt of Yeldoon at Origins get bumped to the beginning of 4th level, if they did not achieve that level in the adventure.

Additionally, as you play the adventure, you’ll find items that you can apply to one of your existing characters in another RPGA campaign. Many of them are great for low-level characters; some of the goodies are very useful for mid- and high-level ones too!

Expedition to Undermountain

Expedition to Undermountain is a 224-page super-adventure that revisits the greatest dungeon in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Located beneath the city of Waterdeep, Undermountain has lured countless heroes to their doom. Like other adventures in the “Expedition” series, this product takes a classic D&D location, updates it for D&D v.3.5, and features many new surprises. It also includes source material for the players and a new combat encounter format designed to make the Dungeon Master’s job easier, as well as information to help Dungeon Masters adapt the adventure to serve their home campaigns.

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