Legacy of the Green Regent08/24/2005

"Book Knowledge" Plot Recap

In Abeir-Toril knowledge is a resource precious and all too scarce. So when a tome surfaced that spoke of the origins of the Green Regent, many people took interest, and the Jade Blade were drawn into a plot that led to a showdown with a most unusual bookworm.

Teseryne Truesilver
Daughter of Talanthe Truesilver
Year of Rogue Dragons

Mikal the Sage is a sage obsessed with all things related to the Green Regent and had been working on a definitive history of the Mielikki’s Chosen for a year. So when he vanished without a trace, the Scions of the Green Regent agreed that it was important that Mikal be found. One member of the Order of the Jade Blade was a Scion of the Green Regent, who called upon her friends to help her investigate.

When the Jade Blade arrived at Mikal’s house to find clues they were met by his wife Julana running from the house screaming in terror as a large tome slowly floated through the air out a window. The adventurers realized that the book was being controlled by magic and tracked the source down. They discovered three green elves, hiding under the cover of invisibility. From the remains, I have been able to identify that they belonged to a cult that worships a creature known as the Guev’Ressunvee or the Green King. Unfortunately, little else could be learned from these as the Jade Blade killed them in the resulting melee.

Worshipers of Guev'Ressunvee.

The Scion picked up the floating book, which was titled The Legacy of the Green Regent. Leafing through it, she found out what had become of Mikal. One of the pages was inscribed with a powerful symbol, which activated when the Scion turned to that page. Loudwater blurred and disappeared, and the Jade Blade found themselves elsewhere.

It was hard to tell where elsewhere was, for they were plunged into total darkness. The wizard called magical light into existence, and the adventurers saw that they were in a roughly circular cavern. In the center of the room was a small pedestal set with a black sphere. Spaced evenly around the room were statues of horribly misshapen humanoids with horns and clawed hands.

Two of the statues were actually creatures known as liths, which are psionically awakened creatures of stone. They have amazing power over stone and had shaped the statues to look just like themselves. The ploy worked, and the liths surprised the adventurers, attempting to turn two of them to stone with their magic. Fortunately the magic failed, and our heroes counterattacked with a fury. The liths attempted to meld into the walls of the cavern, but the Jade Blade killed them before they could escape.

With the liths removed, the Jade Blade turned their attention to the black sphere on the pedestal. Inside, they could see a tiny silver-colored dragon flying around in circles. It would stop on occasion and charge the surface of the sphere and claw at it. When this proved of no avail, it would return to circling.

One of the adventurers drew an adamantine sword and hacked the crystal ball to pieces. The creature trapped inside burst forth and swelled to its full size, which was actually more than twelve feet long. I have identified the creature as a scalamagdrion, a dragon-like creature with significant anti-magic qualities. They are often used as stewards of magical books. This scalamagdrion was entrapped in the sphere and forced to use its power to draw the unsuspecting readers to the cavern.

When the crystal was broken, the scalamagdrion rushed out of the cavern to escape the place of its bondage. The Jade Blade followed after it through a maze of passages. Eventually they came to another large cavern where dragonkin were roosting. The passage of the scalamagdrion had disrupted them, and the infuriated monsters dove onto the adventurers. Once they were dealt with, our heroes noticed that the exit from the cavern to the surface was far overhead. However, another tunnel led deeper into the darkness. Curiosity and the desire to find Mikal drove them to explore this new tunnel rather than make the climb out of the cavern.

The Jade Blade ventured down this tunnel, fighting bat swarms as they went. After several dozen yards, a portion of the cave floor gave way beneath them and one of the adventurers fell through into a pit of acid. The pain was horrific, but his companions pulled him out before he died.


Beyond the pit trap, the tunnel ended in a wide cavern that was filled with a large pool of acid. Sitting on an island in the center of the pool was a hideous thing that looked like a dark purple-green snake with a large humanoid head, and a tail that ended in a stinger. This rare beast is called a banelar; this one in particular was named Ss’thall’aa. The creature had corrupted the scalamagdrion’s ability to teleport the reader and forced it to bring them here to his cavern. Ss’thall’aa wished to capture Otar, the orc who had become the Green Regent. Ss’thall’aa was confident that Otar would eventually find the book. In the meantime, the banelar turned those who fell into his clutches over to a band of Cyricists.

How do I know this? From Mikal. The sage had activated the symbol just as several others had before him. He was in the cavern with the banelar, kept prisoner while awaiting the arrival of the Cyricists. He watched as the Jade Blade fought Ss’thall’aa and killed him. Our heroes rescued Mikal from the island in the center of the cavern and began the arduous process of climbing out the shaft where the dragonkin roosted to the surface.

High Lord Kalahar Twohands took the book that started all of this for further study. His sages learned that the book detailed three Green Regents who were unknown before. It contained many more secrets, but unlocking them would require substantial time and study.

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