Legacy of the Green Regent08/13/2004

Level up to 7th!
Campaign News

Your characters have advanced as the Legacy of the Green Regent campaign reaches 7th level. We already advanced the fastplay characters to the new level, so be sure to check them out.

All characters below 7th level have been bumped to the new level Starting at Gen Con Indy. The level kick will occur only on 8/19/2004, the first day of Gen Con, to allow for late reporting of previous Legacy of the Green Regent adventures. When the level kick occurs, if your Gold Earned was less than 11,000 gp, it has increased to that total. Review your characters in the Members section of the website. New characters created for the campaign at Gen Con Indy jump in at 7th level with a base gold of 11,000 gp plus starting class and region wealth. For more information about the level kick and how it affects your characters, check out the current version of the Legacy of the Green Regent Campaign Standards.

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