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Campaign Cards Set 3
D&D Rewards

The third mailing of D&D Rewards hit mailboxes in late October 2003. We've included text and images for all ten cards from the third set below. If you haven't signed up already, visit D&D Rewards and take your play to the next level.

Innovative Paths Set 3 Card 1: Creation

New adventuring paths are open to you.

Benefits: You have expanded class choices. You may take levels in any of the following classes: favored soulMH, healerMH, hexbladeCW, marshalMH, swashbucklerCW, and warmageMH.

Kaapow! Set 3 Card 2: General

You can deliver a terrifyingly effective punch.

Benefits: Spend this card once per adventure round to gain one and a half times Strength bonus and x3 critical modifier on your next unarmed attack. Spend the card prior to the attack roll. If you don't hit, the card is still spent.

Call of the Wild Set 3 Card 3: General

A little bird told you...

Prerequisites: Ranks in Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), or Survival.

Benefits: Spend this card once per adventure round to gain a +4 insight bonus on a single Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature) or Survival check. Spending this card does not grant the ability to make Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature) checks untrained.

Force of Personality Set 3 Card 4: General

You can rally your own inner power in times of need.

Benefits: Spend this card once per adventure round to gain a +2 morale bonus to Charisma for a single round.

Not Done Yet Set 3 Card 5: General

You have a better chance to stabilize.

Benefits: When your character is unconscious, spend this card before you roll to stabilize. For that roll your chance to stabilize increases to 50%.

Feign Surprise Set 3 Card 6: General

It's not easy to get the jump on you.

Benefit: When surprised, you can spend this card to act during the surprise round. You act on your initiative, and you're flat-footed before your surprise round action in the initiative order.

Desperate Maneuver Set 3 Card 7: General

Gain a sudden burst of speed at times of need... at a price.

Benefit: Before you move, you can spend this card to gain a 10-foot bonus to your speed for that round. You suffer a -2 AC penalty during that round.

Path of the Soldier Set 3 Card 8: Expansion

A soldier's life's for you.

Benefit: you are or have been a member of a guard or an army. as such you have received training beyond that of many warriors. You are also familiar with the methods of soldiers. Gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks when dealing with a member of a guard or an army.

Path of the Soldier unlocks the following rules items:

Classes (AllMH)--Marshal and warmage.
Prestige Classes--CavalierCW, exotic weapon masterCW, havoc mageMH, tactical soldierMH, knight protectorCW.
Feats--Battlefield InspirationMH, Daunting PresenceMH, Greater Powerful ChargeMH, Power CriticalCW, Powerful ChargeMH, Spinning HalberdCW.
Path of Shadows Set 3 Card 9: Expansion

You walk a little between darkness and light.

Requirements: Any nongood.

Benefit: Though you may try to shake the metaphoric dark cloud that follows you, you cannot. You may worship the deities Shar or Mask, though you may not be of evil alignment, and thus you may not take levels of cleric worshiping those deities. You may not worship either Shar or Mask if you are already a Scion of the Green Regent. You suffer a -2 penalty on Diplomacy checks when dealing with lawful good creatures.

This card unlocks the following rules items:

Prestige Classes--DarkhunterCW, darkwood stalkerCW, hunter of the deadCW, monk of the long deathPF, warshaperCW.
Feats--Arterial StrikeCW, Deft OpportunistMH, Flick of the WristCW, Mage SlayerMH.
Poisons (prices are campaign cost per dose)--Arsenic (600 gp), black adder venom (600 gp), small centipede poison (450 gp), bloodroot (500 gp), and greenblood oil (500 gp).
Red Fellowship Recruit Set 3 Card 10: Expansion

You are a member of the Red Fellowship.

Benefits: The Red Fellowship is an organization sworn to defend Loudwater and its environs as a matter of honor and duty. The Red Boar Trading Coster bankrolls the Red Fellowship. You gain a 50-gp bonus to your equipment value (EV). If you are already an Agent of the Red Fellowship, the two bonuses stack, so you gain a 100-gp bonus to your EV, and now hold the title of Knight of the Red Fellowship.

This card unlocks the following rules items:

Prestige Classes--JusticiarCW, justicar or TyrPF, morninglord of LathanderPF, spellswordCW.
Feats--Arcane StrikeCW, Double HitMH, Eyes in the Back of Your HeadCW, SidestepMH.
Magic Items--Amulet of prevailing fortuneMH, bracers of quick strikeMH, magic sleeping bagMH.

MH = Miniatures Handbook

CW = Complete Warrior

PF = Player's Guide to Faerûn
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