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Months ago, when Julia Martin and I sat down to go over some of the content we'd be covering in Realmswatch, we got to the May edition. And as we started to formulate what we might want to show, she pulled out a folder that was filled with preliminary sketches of the new map.

Knowing that we'd already settled upon offering two excerpts per month, it became obvious really quick that we had an embarrassment of riches for May. I mean, the Geography chapter of the book is the biggest section (133 pages, if you recall from the intro). And now, Julia's showing me all these amazing little drawings, all of which I wanted to pore over for an inordinate amount of time.

This whole Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting thing had gone well beyond the Too Much of a Good Thing line since the beginning -- but this was just getting silly.

Top that off with the trip I made down to Rich Baker's office last month to take a look at the finished map. I spent nearly an hour starting, gaping, and basically just being agog. Rich showed me the chopped up map and described the plastic surgery that was performed on Faerûn to create the beautiful, new finished piece. (Check out the Countdown to the Forgotten Realms on page 26 of the May issue (#283) of Dragon Magazine if you wanna see that.) After nearly an hour, I wandered out of Rich's office in a daze.

Julia and I talked again and decided that a special extra excerpt was in order for this round.

I had to talk to the cartographers.

Go to the May Realmswatch main page for more of information about geography in the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting or the Forgotten Realms main news page for more articles and news about the Forgotten Realms game setting.

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