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Illustrators Todd Lockwood and Sam Wood commented for us this month on the art for Bronnia Stonesplitter, a female gold dwarven wizard; Khalia, a female transmuter/Red Wizard, and Gerti Orelsdottr, a female frost giant cleric of Auril/runecaster. These three all represent different sorts of spellcasters depicted in the new Forgotten Realms setting.

Click on any of the images below to see a larger version.

Bronnia Stonesplitter: "A chick with a name like "Stonesplitter" has got to be tough, no matter what," says Todd, with a grin. "So I wanted her to look tough. Otherwise, she could be any dwarven wizard. Or so she'd seem so long as you don't look too closely at the details: the head of her staff, the demon at her throat, the quasit giggling maniacally on her shoulder. . . ."

Khalia: "I wanted Khalia to have an ascetic, almost monklike appearance," reveals Sam. "Her simple clothing contrasts well with the knotted, twisting tattoos on her head and arms and the ropy, organic feel of her gloves. I enjoyed creating the scalp tattoo as well -- its strong symmetry makes it an interesting visual substitute for hair. It almost looks like a pattern of scales. I also like how she is almost entirely lit by a single source -- her flaming mask. It creates a sense of magic and makes for an interesting riff on the classic image of a medieval monk holding a lit candle."

Gerti Orelsdottr: "Because Gerti is the first giantess I've been able to concept, there were certain things I wanted to make sure to do, " explains Sam. "First, I did not want her to be brutish and ugly. This is partly because she's a frost giant (I'm sure the hill giant women are as nasty as their males) and partly because I wanted to concentrate on less stereotypical aspects of making her look huge! To that end, her legs and feet have been exaggerated slightly in size and made a bit more muscular, so that they look more as if they can support her. I also made her eyes and head a tiny bit smaller relative to her overall size. The garment is adapted from a Viking-era Scandinavian dress, but shows a lot more skin. This is for three reasons: to show that she's blue all over, to show that she doesn't feel the cold, and because I wanted to draw her that way! I also tried to give her garment a sense of weight and size, to show that it behaves differently than a smaller piece of cloth would. Her magical role is shown by her bracelets and armband, her brooch, and the rune-inscribed dragon teeth around her neck. I have no idea what her cloak is made from -- probably about eight caribou!"

Bronnia Stonesplitter


Gerti Orelsdottr

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