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Based on the island of Ilighôn off the Vilhon Reach, the Emerald Enclave is an organization of druids and other people who protect the natural resources of the Vilhon Reach and nearby lands. The members of the Enclave eschew good and evil to focus on the needs of the natural world and resist the encroachment of humankind. Founded in the Year of the Thoughtful Man (374 DR), the actions of the Enclave have influenced the lives of the high and low.

The Enclave is organized into a hierarchy of circles, each with a different responsibility. The three members of the Elder Circle are Chosen of Eldath, Mielikki, and Silvanus. The group accepts new members as long as they do not serve good or evil, are not members of another organization (except the churches of the aforementioned deities), are innocent of any crimes against nature, and have performed a significant act that benefits nature in the Vilhon Reach.

The tenets of the Caretakers are six fold: preserve nature in all its forms, control human expansion, recognize that nature encompasses more than just forests, agree that magic should not be used for mass destruction, warn against the use of magic on a grand scale for fear of unexpected side effects, and present a united front to the outside world. Most members worship Eldath, Mielikki, or Silvanus, and all wear some sort of green symbol. They travel often, searching for threats to the natural resources in the Reach and potential allies in other lands.

While the Emerald Enclave's primary goal is to preserve nature, its members are not direct opponents of progress. They prefer to work with civilized folk to promote the health of the natural world rather than using acts of violence to deter it. The druids have been known to allow woodcutters to work in areas of forests that need culling, although they still oppose indiscriminate logging.

Recently the Enclave has started splinter cells in other areas that it believes may become threatened, such as the High Forest, Cormanthor, the Wealdath, and the forests of the Great Dale. These cells are small, often consisting of only one or two people, but they keep a close eye on organizations dangerous to their aims, such as the church of Talos or the People of the Black Blood.

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