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Illustrator Matt Wilson takes few moments to share his thoughts about the art for two NPCs from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting who are prominent in their nations.


Alustriel: "Alustriel Silverhand [the ruler of the Silver Marches] is not exactly an adventuring character. Her description called for more of a regal costume, since she is a ruler. This sketch also attempts to portray the influence and the respect she would command from others. Her head is held high, looking above and past others around her, and her staff is held before her almost as a warning of her power."

Caladnei: "Caladnei [a wizard from Cormyr] is a much more functionally dressed mage, while still possessing the fashion sensibilities of the inhabitants of the Forgotten Realms setting. Her cloak and doublet are lavishly embroidered, but her pockets and traveler's boots betray her true nature as a working adventurer -- a down-to-earth, practical, and pragmatic woman."


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