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We've already gotten a bit of a taste of some of the new Realms-specific rules the updated campaign setting has to offer. But are these rules flexible enough to work for other settings as well? This week, the members of the design team tell us about the new rules that are so cool, they'd want to use them even if they weren't playing in the Forgotten Realms.

Rich Baker
Creative Director
Sean Reynolds
Rob Heinsoo

Rich: The treatment of the Forgotten Realms subraces is very cool, as are all of the Realms monsters. The dracolich is a monster iconic to the Realms, but it's so cool, everyone is going to want to put 'em in their campaign. Some of our prestige classes, such as the Divine Champion or Arcane Devotee, are "generic" enough to see a lot of use in a "straight" D&D game, too.

Sean: Just about anything in this book could easily be used in other campaigns -- we expect that there will be people that pick up this book just for the new feats and domains.

Rob: We're hoping that *most all* of the new stuff is cool enough people would want to use it outside Forgotten Realms -- the book isn't just for Realms fans, it's also for non-Realms fans who love D&D. We hope that people who run their own game worlds will look to what we've done for the Realms, use the pieces of it that work best with their own worlds, and develop a fondness for using all the pieces as we'd originally assembled them, and then play in the Forgotten Realms as well.

Now, looking at it from the other side, what rules elements do you consider crucial to making sure that playing in the Realms feels like playing in the Realms?

Rob: For me, the regional feats are going to be big. Ditto for some of the new rules for the particular non-human races.

Rich: Yeah -- if you're playing a sun elf or a drow, you definitely feel like you're playing Forgotten Realms. And, the deities available for your cleric characters are obviously very Faerûnian -- gods such as Mystra, Cyric, Lathander, Helm, or Gond are unique to the setting.

Sean: Deities and worship play important role in daily life in the Realms. There’s also the increased options for multiclassing and the prevalence of magic -- many different kinds of magic.

Rich: We picked a handful of the best "signature" spells of the Forgotten Realms setting to include in the Magic chapter of our new book. You'll see some of your favorite Realms spells in this new book, all updated for the new rules.

Sean: And, of course, there's the omnipresent villains, such as the Red Wizards, the Zhentarim, and the Cult of the Dragon. It wouldn't be the Realms without them.

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