April Fools
April Fools! - Sneak Peek - Chainmail Models (Not) Scheduled for an Upcoming Release

Take a closer look at some of the "Top Secret" concept sketches for an upcoming set. In this feature, we spotlight models from each of the games' factions: Ahmut, Drazen, Kilsek, Mordengard, Naresh, Ravilla, and Thalos.

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Art by StanRavenous Ghoul Vegetarians (Ahmut's Legion)

Ravenous Ghoul Vegetarians won't attack anything that lives and moves. But set some briars, trees, or other leafy terrain in front of 'em, and they'll clear it away like it was a small dinner salad.

Art by StanPlayful Felldrakes

Deceptively harmless, the saucer-sized eyes and wagging tails of these cute little rascals can reduce even the fiercest warrior to a frenzy of baby talk and playing fetch.

Art by StanWar Rothé

Proof that just about anything from the Underdark is dangerous. These ferocious herbivores are so mindlessly destructive that a single unit can eradicate all clover in one pasture in less than a day. And they produce dairy products that spoil very quickly.

Art by StanHuman Pacifist Recruiter

When a Human Pacifist Recruiter encounters another model on the field of battle, it automatically persuades that unit to join the Thalish Pacifist Movement, effectively turning it into another Human Pacifist Recruiter with the same abilities.


Art by StanGelatinous Cube Adept
(Drazen's Horde )

The only thing that tempers the immense arcane power of a Gelatinous Cube Adept is its lack of a mouth, hands, and any ability to actually manipulate objects.

Art by StanAbyssal Flumph

Spawned by eons of derisive comments about their dopey name, these fiendish abominations are really ticked off. Their wicked powers are terrible to behold, though they only work on creatures that stop laughing long enough to pay attention.

Art by StanDire Piercer

A ferocious throwback to a more primal age in which falling rock was a palpable threat, the enormous Dire Piercer promises a messy end to any creature foolish enough to walk directly under it at a sloth's pace.

Art by StanTurncoat Provocateur

These wily troops will defect to the other side at the drop of a hat. Every time they join forces with a faction, they convince a newly allied model to join in their next betrayal. Their viral tactics of creating traitors amongst traitors can turn even the most well-organized battle into a muddle of confusion where no one remembers which side they're actually fighting for.

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