April Fools
April Fools! - Exclusive Sneak Peek! - New College Life d20 Modern Setting
By Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel and Andy Collins

After the popularity of Shadow Chasers -- a setting for the forthcoming d20 Modern rules focusing on youth-culture characters and released in the March/April 2002 issue of Polyhedron -- Wizards of the Coast R&D has been hard at work on a follow-up. We're proud to announce a university setting for the d20 Modern game: Academically Speaking:College Life,to be released later this year. This collection of sneak peeks gives you an exclusive look at the new game in development, including sample classes, feats, skills, and -- yes, even spells. Enjoy these excerpts from the new game.

Character Classes

From the fuzzy and the jock to the struggling pre-med and the well-connected techie, discover the character classes of the new game. . These four core classes represent undergraduate education. To advance to any graduate-school prestige class, a player character must have completed four levels of any undergraduate core class (a fifth level is optional).

New Skills

Preview these six new skills for a taste of what awaits College Life player characters. Partying and Protesting, of course, but also Sports, Computer Use, and more. College Lifeintroduces these skills in addition to those available in the Player's Handbook.

College Feats

College Lifeallows player characters to use all feats from the Player's Handbook except Armor Proficiencies. However, it also introduces more than a dozen new feats, including Double Major, Cool Part-Time Job, and Gullible Roommate.

Items and Spells

Here's a sampling of two special items and three new spells from the forthcomingCollege Life setting. (Is there any one of us that hasn't experienced the magic of caffeine or the curse of finals week?) Check them out!

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