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Complete Champion

If you want to give your D&D character a tie to the divine and a chance to gain benefits (both roleplaying and mechanical) from worshiping a deity, an ideal, or a cause, then Complete Champion is a great book to use. As the introduction to the book mentions, your character doesn't have to sacrifice at a temple or give up doing what he likes to do best -- after all, the D&D game is about coming up with interesting ways to have fun. Complete Champion turns the myths and legends of the D&D game into usable features of the campaign world and shows you how to make them work best for your character.

Table 2-1: New Feats

General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Battle Blessing Ability to cast paladin spells Cast paladin spells more quickly
Spontaneous Domains Ability to cast 3rd-level spells; access to two or more domains Leave your domain spell slots open to be filled at need
Swift Call Special mount class feature Call special mount as a swift action
Divine Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Retrieve Spell Any two divine feats, ability to turn or rebuke undead Spend turn/rebuke attempts to regain a previously cast spell
Spiritual Counter Any other divine feat, ability to turn or rebuke undead Spend turn/rebuke attempts to counterspell
Domain Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Air Devotion -- Gain bonus to AC; ranged attacks have a 50% miss chance against you
Animal Devotion -- Gain bonuses based on animal influence chosen
Chaos Devotion -- Gain bonus on attack rolls or to AC (randomly determined) for 1 minute
Death Devotion -- Cause one weapon to bestow negative levels
Destruction Devotion -- Reduce enemy's armor or natural armor bonus for 1 minute
Earth Devotion -- Move freely through difficult terrain or create difficult terrain
Evil Devotion -- Grant yourself and allies within 30 feet DR/good for 1 minute
Fire Devotion -- Appear to be on fire, deal extra fire damage with melee attacks
Good Devotion -- Grant yourself and allies within 30 feet DR/evil for 1 minute
Healing Devotion -- Gain or grant fast healing for 1 minute
Knowledge Devotion -- Gain bonuses on attack rolls and damage rolls against specific creature types based on your knowledge of them
Law Devotion -- Gain bonus on attack rolls or to AC until your next action
Luck Devotion -- Improve damage roll to average result
Magic Devotion -- Make a ranged touch attack that deals 1d6 damage/two character levels
Plant Devotion -- Gain +2 bonus to natural armor and fortification effect based on character level
Protection Devotion -- Create 30-ft.-radius protective aura centered on yourself
Strength Devotion -- Gain adamantine slam attack and the ability to overcome hardness with melee attacks
Sun Devotion -- Cause your melee weapon to glow and deal extra sacred/profane damage
Travel Devotion -- Move your speed as a swift action
Trickery Devotion -- Create a simulacrum of yourself that can perform certain actions based on your level
War Devotion -- Improve your ability to fight defensively
Water Devotion -- Summon a water elemental with HD based on your character level
Metamagic Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Imbued Healing Ability to cast conjuration (healing) spells, access to one or more domains Provide beneficial carrier effects with healing spells
Reserve Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Charnel Miasma Access to the Death domain Force enemies to make Will saves or become fearful
Fragile Construct Access to the Destruction domain Reduce object's hardness or construct's DR
Holy Warrior Ability to cast 4th-level spells, access Gain bonus on weapon damage rolls to the War domain
Mitigate Suffering Ability to cast 2nd-level spells Temporarily restore ability damage
Protective Ward Access to the Protection domain Grant bonus to AC to yourself or an ally within 30 ft.
Touch of Healing Ability to cast 2nd-level spells Heal 3 points of damage per level of the highest-level healing spell you have available to cast
Umbral Shroud Ability to cast 3rd-level spells Impose a miss chance on your enemies' attacks
Tactical Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Awesome Smite Power Attack, base attack bonus +6, Gain various maneuvers you can combine with smite attacks smite ability
Bestial Charge Base attack bonus +4, wild shape Gain various maneuvers you can combine with wild shape class feature
Holy Potency Base attack bonus +4, ability to spontaneously cast cure or inflict spells, ability to turn or rebuke undead Gain various maneuvers to manipulate positive or negative energy
Wild Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Elemental Essence Any other wild feat, wild shape class feature Deal energy damage with your attacks and gain resistance to that type of energy for 1 minute
Great and Small Wild shape class feature, ability to assume the form of a Large creature using wild shape Grow or shrink one size category
Swift Wild Shape Dex 13, Fast Wild Shape, wild shape class feature Use wild shape as a swift action
Venom's Gift Two other wild feats, wild shape class feature, ability to assume plant form using wild shape Imbue your natural attacks with poison for 1 round/level

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