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Drow of the Underdark

Those cursed by Corellon Larethian are condemned to spend their days languishing in a lightless world that contains terrible monsters and life-threatening dangers. These beings are the drow, and you can learn more about them in the D&D supplement Drow of the Underdark . . . and here in our excerpts, too. Read on for the Introduction, a list of new feats, the prestige class called the Demonbinder, the monster called the shunned, and the nonplayer character drow named Anybys.

Table 2-1: New Feats

General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
At Home in the Deep Darkness spell-like ability, darkvision You can see through darkness spells
Blend into Shadows Darkness spell-like ability Spend darkness use to hide in plain sight
Cautious Attack Wis 13, Dodge Gain +1 AC while readying an attack
Chosen Foe -- Gain +1 attack and AC against single foe
Clever Opportunist Combat Reflexes Spend immediate action to exchange places with foe
Constant Guardian -- Take -2 penalty on attacks to grant +2 to AC for single ally within 10 feet
Dutiful Guardian Constant Guardian Exchange places with attacked ally
Dazzling Fire Faerie fire spell-like ability Faerie fire dazzles subject
Radiant Flicker Dazzling Fire, faerie fire spell-like ability Use faerie fire to grant target concealment
Deceptive Illumination Dancing lights spell-like ability Use silent image as a spell-like ability
Fade into Darkness Darkness spell-like ability Use darkness to gain +5 bonus on Hide checks
Fascinating Illumination Dancing lights spell-like ability Use hypnotic pattern as a spell-like ability
Gift of the Spider Queen Drow Invoke various effects by sacrificing two or three of your daily spell-like abilities
Hand Crossbow Focus Proficiency with hand crossbow, base attack bonus +1 +1 bonus on attack rolls with hand crossbow; reload as free action
Imperious Command Cha 15, Intimidate 8 ranks Demoralized opponent cowers for 1 round, then shaken for 1 round
Instinctive Darkness Darkness spell-like ability Use darkness as an immediate action; no attack of opportunity
Intensify Darkness Darkness spell-like ability Use darkness to cast deeper darkness
Master of Poisons -- Apply poison as a swift action and with no chance of poisoning yourself
Master of Shadow Drow Gain one extra use of dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire
Paralyzing Fists Wis 15, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist Multiple Stunning Fist attacks paralyze instead of stun
Poison Spell -- Add poison to a melee touch spell as though it were a weapon
Psychic Refusal Spell resistance, Iron Will SR increases by 4 against mind-affecting spells and effects
Reactive Resistance Spell resistance Lower SR as immediate action
Sadistic Reward Evil Deal damage to living creature to gain +1 on saves for 1 round
Shadowborn Warrior Blind-Fight, Dodge +2 initiative, +1 AC when in shadows or darkness
Spiderfriend Magic -- Your spells don't affect vermin allies
Staggering Critical Improved Critical, base attack bonus +12 Critical hit slows target for 1 round
Surprising Riposte Int 13, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint Feinted target that takes damage becomes flat-footed
Vermin Trainer Drow, Handle Animal 4 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks Train vermin creatures
Knight of Lolth Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat, Vermin Trainer Gain various advantages when mounted on monstrous vermin
Spider Companion Vermin Trainer, animal companion Gain monstrous spider as companion
Verminfriend Drow Cha check to prevent vermin from attacking you
Versatile Combatant Dex 15, proficiency with rapier and hand crossbow Reduced penalties for fighting with rapier and hand crossbow; hand crossbow attacks don't provoke attacks of opportunity
Metamagic Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Coercive Spell -- Creatures damaged by spell take -2 penalty on Will saves
Deafening Spell -- Creatures damaged by spell are deafened for 1 round
Umbral Spell -- Spell gains darkness descriptor

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