Excerpts 10/10/2006

Complete Mage Excerpt
By Ari Marmell and Skip Williams

Your character's list of casting-based options isn't complete without Complete Mage. Get a taste of what's in store by looking at some excerpts from the book, which include some character options, a list of feats, a look at the ultimate magi, and an entry about Bigby's tomb.


General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Alacritous Cogitation Must prepare arcane spells Spontaneously fill open slot with known spell
Captivating Melody Bardic music, ability to cast arcane spells Expend bardic music to increase the save DC of an enchantment or illusion spell
Cloudy Conjuration Spell Focus (conjuration) or conjurer level 1st Conjurations accompanied by a cloud of sickening smoke
Dazzling Illusion Spell Focus (illusion) or illusionist level 1st Enemies within 30 feet dazzled when casting illusion spells
Defending Spirit Watchful spirit class feature Gain an initiative reroll, +2 dodge bonus to AC after reroll
Delay Potion Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank Delay the benefit of a potion to activate it later as a swift action
Elemental Adept Elemental mastery class feature Cast a spell from your chosen element spontaneously
Energy Abjuration Spell Focus (abjuration) or abjurer level 1st Gain energy resistance when casting abjuration spell
Favored Magic Foe Knowledge 6 ranks or favored enemy class feature Magic is more effective against a particular creature type
Fearsome Necromancy Spell Focus (necromancy) or necromancer level 1st Necromancy spells leave foes shaken
Hasty Spirit Watchful spirit class feature Gain an initiative reroll, extra move action after using reroll
Insightful Divination Spell Focus (divination) or diviner level 1st Gain bonus on initiative, save when casting divination spell
Magic Device Attunement Use Magic Device 1 rank Attune to item to avoid making Use Magic Device checks
Master of Undeath Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks Control one additional undead that you create
Melodic Casting Perform 4 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks, bardic music class feature Use Perform in place of Concentration, cast spells while using bardic music
Metamagic School Spell Focus (chosen school) or Focus specialist wizard Reduce the cost of adding metamagic feats to spells of a chosen school of magic
Metamagic Spell Trigger Any metamagic feat, Use Magic Device or Spellcraft 15 ranks Use metamagic feats with spell trigger items
Piercing Evocation Spell Focus (evocation) or evoker level 1st 10 points of energy damage from evocation spells becomes untyped damage
Ranged Recall Spellcraft 4 ranks, Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (ranged spell) Reroll missed spell or spell-like ranged attack at-5 penalty
Rapid Metamagic Spellcraft 12 ranks, ability to spontaneously cast spells Apply metamagic feats without increasing casting time
Somatic Weaponry Concentration 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks Cast spells with somatic components while hands are full
Toughening Spell Focus (transmutation) or Transmutation transmuter level 1st Grant temporary DR when casting a transmutation spell
Unsettling Enchantment Spell Focus (enchantment) or enchanter level 1st Enchantment spells hinder foe's attacks and defense
Vengeful Spirit Watchful spirit class feature Gain initiative reroll, foe takes half damage dealt you
Heritage Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Fey Heritage Nonlawful alignment +3 bonus on Will saves against enchantments
Fey Legacy Nonlawful alignment, Fey Heritage, character level 9th Gain spell-like abilities
Fey Power Nonlawful alignment, Fey Heritage +1 to CL and save DC on enchantment spells, invocations
Fey Presence Nonlawful alignment, Fey Heritage, character level 6th Gain spell-like abilities
Fey Skin Nonlawful alignment, Fey Heritage Gain DR/cold iron
Fiendish Heritage Non-good alignment Gain bonus to saves against poison, spells by good creatures
Fiendish Legacy Non-good alignment, Fiendish Heritage, character level 9th Gain spell-like abilities
Fiendish Power Non-good alignment, Fiendish Heritage +1 to CL and save DC on evil spells and invocations
Fiendish Presence Non-good alignment, Fiendish Heritage, character level 6th Gain spell-like abilities
Fiendish Resistance Non-good alignment, Fiendish Heritage Gain acid and fire resistance

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