Excerpt from
Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords

By Richard Baker, Frank Brunner, Joseph D. Carriker

Skilled combatants often find that discipline combined with training is the key to a long life -- and a great battle. Take a peek at some of the latest combat options your martial-minded character can implement in our Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords excerpts. In this book, both players and Dungeon Masters can find a slew of new options for characters, including feats; prestige classes that build on the disciplines included in the tome; new magic items and spells; and new monsters and organizations. The excerpts below include a brief section of the Introduction, the warblade, a table showing you what feats are in the book, some information about the Iron Heart discipline, and the item called Supernal Clarity.

Table 2-1: New Feats

General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Adaptive Style Crusader, swordsage, or warblade level 1st Change readied maneuvers with a full-round action
Avenging Strike Any good alignment Add Cha bonus on attack and damage against an evil outsider a few times per day
Blade Meditation[1] Concentration 1 rank, base attack bonus +4, one martial maneuver from any discipline +1 damage on strikes, +2 on skill check, +1 save DC with discipline-related weapons, skills, and maneuvers
Desert Fire One Desert Wind strike +1d6 skirmish damage when using a Desert Wind strike
Desert Wind Dodge Dex 13, one Desert Wind maneuver Move 10 feet, +1 AC, +1 fire damage
Devoted Bulwark One Devoted Spirit maneuver +1 AC when foe damages you
Evasive Reflexes Dex 13 Instantly take 5-ft. step instead of an attack of opportunity
Extra Granted Maneuver Crusader level 1st Ready one more maneuver from your maneuvers known
Extra Readied Maneuver Swordsage level 1st Ready one more maneuver from your maneuvers known
Falling Sun Attack Stunning Fist, one Setting Sun strike Make Setting Sun strike a stunning attack, +1 to DC of stunning attacks and Setting Sun strikes
Ironheart Aura One Iron Heart stance Adjacent allies gain +2 bonus on saves while you are in an Iron Heart stance
Martial Stance[1] One martial maneuver Learn one martial stance
Martial Study[1] -- Gain the use of a martial maneuver
Rapid Assault Base attack bonus +1 +1d6 melee damage in first round of combat
Shadow Blade One Shadow Hand maneuver Use Dex modifier instead of Str modifier on damage rolls with Shadow Sun weapons
Shadow Trickster Caster level 1st, one Shadow Hand stance +1 bonus on save DCs of illusions while in a Shadow Hand stance
Song of the White Raven Bardic music (inspire courage), one White Raven maneuver Use inspire courage as swift action while in a White Raven stance
Snap Kick Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +6 Make an extra attack, all attacks at -2
Stone Power Str 13, one Stone Dragon maneuver Trade attack bonus for temporary hit points
Sudden Recovery One martial maneuver Recover an expended maneuver as a swift action 1/day
Superior Unarmed Strike Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +3 Deal greater unarmed damage
Tiger Blooded Ability to rage, wild shape, or shift; one Tiger Claw maneuver Knock smaller foes back while raging or wild shaped
Unnerving Calm Concentration 1 rank, one Diamond Mind strike Use Concentration in duel of wills, gain +2 bonus on attacks after successful duel for 1 round
Vital Recovery Two martial maneuvers Heal 3 + level points of damage when you recover a maneuver
White Raven Defense One White Raven maneuver +1 bonus to AC while adjacent to ally; adjacent allies gain +1 AC while you wield a White Raven weapon

1 A fighter can select this feat as one of his fighter bonus feats.

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