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Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss

Demons. The creatures you love to hate (or who love to hate your character!). You can get an Abyssal-sized serving of these creatures, their organizations, their powers, their tactics, and more in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss. Make no mistake, though. This book has a lot of crunchy bits for the players of characters who have it in for demons, too! Take a look at some of the excerpts we're providing for your fiendish amusement. The excerpts below include information about nabassu, Yeenoghu, three feats, and the location known as Pazunia.


This gaunt, 12-foot-tall humanoid demon is covered with mangy patches of yellow fur and has pale gray flesh showing where the fur is absent. His face is that of a leering, amber-eyed hyena, and he wields a massive flail with three spiked heads.

Yeenoghu, Prince of Gnolls CR 20
CE Large outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar, tanar'ri)
Init +12; Senses darkvision, scent, true seeing; Listen +37, Spot +37
Languages Abyssal, Common, Giant, Gnoll; telepathy 300 ft.
AC 45, touch 17, flat-footed 37; Dodge
(-1 size, +8 Dex, +19 natural, +9 armor)
hp 372 (24 HD); DR 20/cold iron and good
Immune electricity, poison
Resist acid 10, cold 10, fire 10; SR 31
Fort +25, Ref +22, Will +24
Speed 30 ft. in armor (6 squares); 40 ft. base speed
Melee* triple flail +31/+26/+21/+16 (3d6+25)
* Attacks include the Power Attack feat
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Base Atk +24; Grp +38
Atk Options Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Sunder, Power Attack
Special Actions summon ghouls, summon gnolls, summon tanar'ri
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 20th):
At will -- astral projection, bull's strength, desecrate, detect good, detect law, fly, ghoul touch (DC 18), greater dispel magic, greater teleport, telekinesis (DC 21), unhallow, unholy blight (DC 20)
3/day -- power word stun, rage, symbol of weakness (DC 23)
Abilities Str 30, Dex 26, Con 32, Int 24, Wis 30, Cha 23
SQ scent, tanar'ri traits (see page 28)
Feats Cleave, Dark Speech*, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (triple flail), Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Track
* New feat described on page 85
Skills Climb +34, Concentration +38, Diplomacy +8, Handle Animal +33, Hide +28, Intimidate +33, Jump +38, Knowledge (nature) +34, Listen +37, Move Silently +32, Ride +39, Search +34, Sense Motive +37, Spot +37, Survival +37 (+39 in aboveground natural environments or when following tracks), Tumble +36
Possessions +5 scale mail, triple flail
Triple Flail Yeenoghu wields a unique triple-headed +3 adamantine heavy flail. Each time he scores a hit with this item, roll 1d3 to see how many of the heads hit the target. A hit with the flail deals the same amount of damage no matter how many heads strike. If more than one head hits the same target, the victim must succeed on a DC 32 Will save or be confused for 2d4 rounds. If all three hit, the target must also make a successful DC 32 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. Only Yeenoghu can use the weapon to confuse and paralyze targets. The save DCs are Strength-based.

Summon Ghouls (Sp) Once per day, Yeenoghu can automatically summon 1d6+6 enhanced ghouls. These ghouls have maximum hit points and a +5 profane bonus on turn resistance, Armor Class, and attack and damage rolls. This ability is the equivalent of a 7th-level spell (CL 20th).

Summon Gnolls (Sp) Once per day, Yeenoghu can automatically summon 11d6 gnolls or 2d6 5th-level gnoll fighters. This ability is the equivalent of a 9th-level spell (CL 20th).

Summon Tanar'ri (Sp) Once per day, Yeenoghu can automatically summon 1d2+1 vrocks or 1d4 bulezaus. This ability is the equivalent of a 9th-level spell (CL 20th). Savage and ruthless, Yeenoghu is the patron of all gnolls and commands the servitude of ghouls through the subjugation of the demonic King of the Ghouls.


Bestial and straightforward, Yeenoghu is more likely to charge into melee growling and screaming epithets before doing anything more subtle, although his first action in combat is almost always to cast bull's strength on himself (the statistics above take this into account). If faced with large numbers of foes, he'll summon gnolls, ghouls, and demons for support.


Yeenoghu is one of the lesser demon lords, yet he still commands a large empire on the 422nd layer of the Abyss, a region known simply as "Yeenoghu's Realm." He spends much of his time hunting lesser creatures or captured mortals and idly plotting assaults on the holdings of powerful demonic entities who are not themselves demon lords quite yet.

One of Yeenoghu's greatest and earliest triumphs was the subjugation of Doresain, the King of the Ghouls. Once a vassal of Orcus, the King of the Ghouls controlled his own layer of the Abyss until Yeenoghu's army invaded and conquered the layer and its undead ruler. The King swore fealty to Yeenoghu and continues to pay him homage to this day. Doresain still rules the White Kingdom today, but as a sworn ally of the more powerful Prince of Gnolls. Orcus's attention has been elsewhere, and so far, he has not acted against the Prince of Gnolls for the theft of one of his subjects.

One of Yeenoghu's great desires is to see to the prosperity of his people, the gnolls. He envisions a Material Plane dominated by his children, where elves and humans and dwarves and halflings are slaves at best and food at worst. Yet he realizes that all the gnolls in the Material Plane could not achieve such a goal -- as a result, he actively supports cultists of other races who turn to him for support. The enigmatic leader of the Maure family once represented his most powerful cult among humanity at the time, yet internal strife caused by rival demon lord Malcanthet saw to the ruin of this resource. Today, Yeenoghu counts the Queen of Succubi as one of his greatest enemies and periodically raids her realm. He is always turned back by her defenses, but one day he hopes to gain enough allies to see to her ruin.

Only Yeenoghu's eternal war with Baphomet nears the level of his hatred for Malcanthet. The source of the conflict between the Prince of Gnolls and the Prince of Beasts is unclear, likely forgotten even by the two demon lords themselves, yet they show no signs of ceasing their eternal hostilities. Yeenoghu demands living sacrifices in remote wilderness regions on altars of crude stone. His faithful wear dark brown robes accented by mangy yellow furs. They are not allowed to clean these robes, and in time they grow horrific with clotted blood and foul odors.

Clerics of Yeenoghu have access to the domains of Chaos, Demonic, Evil, and Fury. His symbol is his tripleheaded flail.

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