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Complete Psionic Excerpt
By Bruce Cordell and Chris Lindsay

Ready for some more psionic fun in your game? You should definitely take a peek at what's in store for you in Complete Psionic, the essential sourcebook for expanding the use of psionic power by any character. Some of the things you'll find in this book include more feats, more prestige classes, and more monsters. But don't dally here -- look below for the table of contents. You'll also find some excerpts that give you a taste of what's inside this supplement: feats, powers, monsters, psionic-flavored source material, and prestige classes.

Table of Contents

What You Need to Play
New Psionic Classes

Chapter 1: Classes
Divine Mind

Chapter 2: Prestige Classes
Anarchic Initiate
Ebon Saint
Ectopic Adept
Flayerspawn Psychic
Illumine Soul
Storm Disciple
Zerth Cenobite

Chapter 3: Feats
Psi-like Abilities
Psionic Feats
Dazzling Energy
Deep Vision
Dire Flail Mind Blade
Dire Stun
Don Mantle
Dromite Barrier
Dromite Ray
Duergar Expansion
Duergar Invisibility
Dwarven Urgrosh Mind Blade
Ectopic Form
Elan Repletion, Enhanced
Elan Resilience, Enhanced
Elan Resistance, Enhanced
Elan Retainment
Elemental Envoy
Energize Armor
Enervation Endurance
Enhanced Beneficence
Envoy Cognizance
Euphoric Reduction
Extra Aura
Focused Perception
Focused Shield
Focused Skill User
Gestalt Anchor
Githyanki Charm
Githyanki Control
Githyanki Dismissal
Githyanki Ectoform
Githzerai Burst
Githzerai Feedback
Githzerai Knock
Githzerai Link
Half-Giant Stomp
Half-Giant Thunderer
Instinctive Consummator
Invest Armor
Lurk Augment, Extra
Lurk Augment, Ranged
Lurk Master
Maenad Fury
Maenad Scream
Maenad Deafening Scream
Mantle Focus
Mental Juggernaut
Mind Cleave
Mind Empowerment
Mind Strike, Focused
Mind Strike, Swift
Orc Double Axe Mind Blade
Postpone Enervation
Practiced Manifester
Privileged Energy
Skin of the Construct
Stygian Archon
Synad Multitask, Enhanced
Tap Mantle
Thri-Kreen Carapace
Thri-Kreen Claw
Thri-Kreen Displacement
Thri-Kreen Poison
Two-Bladed Mind Blade
Volatile Escalation
Volatile Leech
Xeph Burst, Extra
Xeph Celerity
General Feats
Dorje Mastery
Dual Dorje
Hostile Mind, Improved
Psionic Mastery
Host Feats
Aggressive Mind
Defensive Shell
Host Focus
Spiritual Force
Strength of Two
Telepathic Affinity
Illithid Heritage Feats
Illithid Blast
Illithid Compulsion
Illithid Enthusiast
Illithid Extraction
Illithid Grapple
Illithid Heritage
Illithid Legacy
Illithid Legacy, Greater
Illithid Skin
Metapsionic Feats
Knockdown Power
Linked Power
Paraelemental Power
Phrenic Leech
Stygian Power
Transdimensional Power

Chapter 4: Powers, Mantles, and Items
Lurk Powers
Psion/Wilder Powers
Psion Discipline Powers
Psychic Warrior Powers
Psionic Items
Crystal Masks
Psychoactive Skins
Stacked Psionatrices
Psionic Bands
Other Universal Items
Psionic Locations as Treasure

Chapter 5: Constructs and Creatures
Astral Construct
Basic Astral Constructs
Agile Loper
Alabaster Aerial
Amber Tunneler
Anathemic Carapace
Astral Aquan
Ebony Stinger
Emerald Gyre
Iridescent Serpent
Ectoplasmic Swarm
Elemental Stewards
Larval Flayer
Shadow Eft
Sibyllic Guardian
Spectral Savant
The Transformation Ritual

Chapter 6: Character Options
Psionic Races
New Psionic Race: Synad
The Six Hidden Houses
House Adon
House Celare
House Cogitare
House Incendar
House Novar
House Vaymin
Psionic Racial Classes
Duergar Racial Class
Githyanki Racial Class
Githzerai Racial Class
Half-Giant Racial Class
Thri-Kreen Racial Class
Psionic Guilds
Diamond Knights
The Lodge Luminous
Variant Psion: The Erudite
Epic Psionic Characters
Daily Power Points for Psionic NPCs


The mindstorm moved in from the infinite reaches of the Astral, threatening the integrity of the Interface.

Cursing his bad luck, Ialdabode finally closed the portal.

"I won't abandon you, Mitra," the psion promised, wincing and rubbing his forehead. He'd allowed the portal to stay open a little too long -- the disruption had almost manifest from the realm of the mind into the realm of the material. Ialdabode's head ached as if he'd been kicked by a steer.

And what of Mitra? She was his closest friend, and the only other psionic individual who knew of the recent perturbations in the Crystal Mind's global cognizance. She was set adrift in the Astral Plane because Ialdabode hadn't foreseen the arrival of the storm front. . . .

"It is suspicious, after all . . ." he murmured, then swore again. Merely entertaining the idea of a conspiracy was enough for his heightened intuition to deduce the truth -- the mindstorm's arrival at just the wrong moment was no accident. It had been sent against him and Mitra deliberately to foil their investigation.

The psion shivered when he considered the power required to generate a mindstorm of such ferocity on demand. Who had that skill?

With a sinking feeling, the answer dropped into his consciousness like the first cold drop of winter rain.

The Flayer Sovereignty was operative once more.

Many D&D games eventually include psionics. Although you may not realize it, pitting your characters against an illithid introduces psionics to your game, with its terrible mind blast. Other games go farther down the psionics path, and in those games Expanded Psionics Handbook has a place at the table equal to that of the Player's Handbook.

Whether your game is more akin to the former or the latter, this book, Complete Psionic, will expand your understanding of psionics rules.


Complete Psionic makes use of the information in the three D&D core rulebooks -- Player's Handbook (PH), Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG), and Monster Manual (MM) -- as well as Expanded Psionics Handbook (EPH). It doesn't directly reference any other books (aside from a single mention of Fiend Folio), but it draws on the accumulated heritage of D&D supplements published since 2000. Although possession of any or all of these supplements will enhance your enjoyment of this book, they are not strictly necessary.

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