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Power of Faerûn Excerpt
By Ed Greenwood and Eric L. Boyd

Power of Faerûn is a comprehensive guidebook to playing high-level heroes and running high-level campaigns in the Forgotten Realms. This supplement introduces new options to players and Dungeon Masters as well as guidelines for starting a temple, running a guild, leading an army, serving the crown, and participating in political intrigues. The excerpts below include information on earning titles, leading armies, adding dragons to your adventures, and using the merchant prince prestige class in your game. You can get more information from recent previews for this book, as well, so be sure to check there for cover copy and dragon statistics, too!

Great Dragon Adventure Seeds

The following adventure seeds provide examples of dragon-centered challenges appropriate for high-level characters. The DM can drop these into an existing campaign as written or use them as examples on which to model new adventure seeds based around great dragons (or similar beings of great power).


Somewhere in crumbling ruins deep in the upper Thornwash marshes (north of the Lake of Steam) dwells an ancient colossal black dragon, Rhoaringoarh "the Mighty," who discovered too late (after devouring all of his cowering neighbors, village after human village) that what he loved most was to dominate and give orders. He pondered just what he was lacking for years until he thought of rearing lesser dragons of his kind to serve him as guards, foodfetchers, errand-flyers, and a strike force. However, Rhoaringoarh trusts no dragon enough to mate, and young dragons quite sensibly flee at his approach, so how is he to acquire servitors?

He hit upon the idea of bargaining with adventurers who came to explore his ruins or slay him, rather than devouring them. In return for their lives and a treasure reward when they returned with what he desired, they would steal black dragon eggs for him and transport these prizes to him (submerged in acidic swamp water renewed whenever they pass a fetid bog or marsh), so he can rear the hatchlings "properly."

Some NPC adventurers accepted his bargain, brought "Old Roar-and-Gore" a few eggs, and are bringing back more when they come into contact with PCs. The dragon-serving adventurers will try to slay the PCs (they have orders -- no one must see the eggs and be allowed to live). If the battle goes against them, they'll flee toward Rhoaringoarh's lair with the eggs, seeking to lure the PCs to where the black dragon can destroy them.

If PCs destroy Rhoaringoarh's adventurers, other bands of his adventurer agents will try to lure the PCs into journeying to the lair where the eggs are being assembled. Unbeknownst to everyone but Rhoaringoarh, the dragon intends to devour or slay all the adventurers who helped gather the eggs, and judges the PCs should serve admirably as their replacements. If the PCs accept, they'll be sent on increasingly dangerous missions to bring back specific magic items and artifacts the great dragon knows how to find -- usually in the hands of various powerful NPC rulers and wizards the dragon has been spying on by means of spells and crystal balls.


A disease begins to afflict dragons across the Heartlands and the North, causing them to molt their scales. Panicked dragons want human and other agents to slay affected dragons before the malady can spread, and offer large rewards (half before, half upon "return and report") as well as coercion and blackmail (devouring of captives or threatened destruction of a castle or palace whose inhabitants have no possible defense against a dragon). However, the dragons will then send secondary bands of agents to kill and then burn any successful dragonslayers, so there's no chance of infected humans coming back and bringing the wyrm-molt with them.

These secondary agents are under orders never to return to their draconic patrons, but to journey to specific locations that intermediaries will reveal to them after they've disposed of the dragonslayers. At these locations, rich treasure (their promised pay) will be waiting. Some of the dragons try to betray their secondary agents as well, of course, but most are yielding up one of their guarded, established treasure caches.

Unfortunately, some evil adventurers learn of the scheme from captured intermediaries, and they decide to enrich themselves by waiting for adventurers to battle the defenses of the caches -- and then pounce on the weakened surviving adventures as they emerge, laden with treasure.

Wild rumors of the scaleshed plague spread rapidly across Faerûn. Some rulers desiring to eliminate troublesome dragons hire adventurers to take remains from slain scaleshed dragons and try to infect healthy dragons in their lairs. This enrages the Cult of the Dragon and other dragon-worshipers, who resolve to slay all such rulers (and their hired adventurers, too).

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