Excerpts 11/11/2005

Champions of Valor Excerpt
By Thomas M. Reid and Sean K. Reynolds

Expand the boundaries of your valiant character with the Forgotten RealmsChampions of Valor supplement. The counterpart to Champions of Ruin, Champions of Valor covers what it means to be valorous in the Realms. Not only can you find out more about several good-aligned guilds and organizations that characters can join, but you also can add the benefits for joining to your game. Additionally, the book provides you with an array of new spells, feats, and prestige classes appropriate for heroes of valor. The excerpts below include information on several character options, a prestige class, and some items. For text from the Introduction, check out the October 2005 Preview.


Storm Armor

When a member of the Knights of the Flying Hunt attains full Knighthood (gains three levels in the prestige class), the Nimbral Lords bestow upon that character a suit of this famous glowing glass armor of legend.

Lore: This armor cannot usually be purchased; only the Nimbral Lords and certain powerful mages from Halruaa know the secrets of its manufacture, and the Nimbral Lords typically magically attune the armor to its designated wearer, making it useless to anyone else. (Knowledge [arcana] DC 15)

Description: Storm armor is full plate armor crafted from glassteel (see page 65) that has further been enhanced to glow brightly in various hues of the rainbow, the shades of which are controlled by the wearer. They gain brightness as the wearer's rage or excitement increases, and they become dimmer as consciousness or physical vitality fails.

Prerequisite: Only characters with at least three levels in the Knight of the Flying Hunt prestige class are granted the use of this legendary armor.

Effect: Storm armor is +1 glassteel full plate armor of invulnerability and electricity resistance. The armor also functions as a ring of feather falling (see page 232 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).

Aura/Caster Level: Moderate abjuration. CL 9th.

Construction: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, feather fall, dancing lights, 29,150 gp, 1,480 XP, 37 days.

Variants: Faithful service and outstanding performance by a Knight of the Flying Hunt can earn him the rank of Commander (ten levels of the prestige class) and more magic augmentations to his storm armor, making it greater storm armor. See the Knight of the Flying Hunt prestige class (page 106) for details.

Weight: 25 lb.

Price: 47,650 gp (but see Lore, above).

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