Excerpts 11/11/2005

Champions of Valor Excerpt
By Thomas M. Reid and Sean K. Reynolds

Expand the boundaries of your valiant character with the Forgotten RealmsChampions of Valor supplement. The counterpart to Champions of Ruin, Champions of Valor covers what it means to be valorous in the Realms. Not only can you find out more about several good-aligned guilds and organizations that characters can join, but you also can add the benefits for joining to your game. Additionally, the book provides you with an array of new spells, feats, and prestige classes appropriate for heroes of valor. The excerpts below include information on several character options, a prestige class, and some items. For text from the Introduction, check out the October 2005 Preview.

Secret Moondancer

A secret moondancer serves
the will of Eilistraee

Countless drow live in the Underdark under the thumb of the Spider Queen, but a small number of them know there is another goddess who will answer their prayers, a benign goddess who loves them -- Eilistraee, the Moon Maiden. Usually these drow live in evil communities and must keep their heretical worship secret, but out of earshot and within the privacy of their own homes they teach their children about the good goddess who dances in the moonlight. If they're lucky, these drow eventually flee to a safer place, either living in small surface communities or in bastions of Eilistraee's strength such as the Promenade near Skullport.

Region: Cormanthor Drow, Menzobarranzan.
Automatic Languages: As region.
Bonus Languages: As region.
Favored Deities: Eilistraee.
Regional Feats: Cosmopolitan, Daylight Adaptation, Fleet of Foot.
Bonus Equipment: (A) masterwork longsword or masterwork greatsword; or (B) masterwork chain shirt; or (C) faith token of Eilistraee (see page 64).

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