Excerpts 04/08/2005

Lords of Madness Excerpt
By Bruce R. Cordell, Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes, JD Wiker

Aberrations and more await you within the pages of Lords of Madness! With this D&D accessory, you can learn more about aboleths, beholders, mind flayers, neogi, grell, Tsochari, and more. Additionally, PCs who wish to hunt these creatures can add new feats, spells, magic items, and grafts to their list of options. (Plenty of choices abound, so be prepared to start making even tougher decisions on what your character should do or get next!) Our sneak peek of this book includes a look at chuuls, beholder magic, mind flayer goals, neogi defilers, grell anatomy, Tsochari, half-farspawn, some sample feats, and a couple of prestige classes.



The tsochari are a new race of aberrations introduced in Lords of Madness.

Murderous assassins and infiltrators from a cold and distant world, the tsochari come to this world to steal magic for their own nefarious purposes. Their appetite for arcane lore is limitless, and every tsochari success feeds their dark hunger for more and more magic. Tsochar spies and imposters prowl the streets of human cities, haunt the halls of wizards' guilds, and secretly seek out and attack the isolated towers of powerful mages. In a kingdom suffering the deadly plague of a tsochar incursion, anyone might be a puppet of the alien invaders, and no one can be trusted.

The tsochari hail from a world distant in space, a cold and lightless place so remote that the sun is little more than a bright star in a black sky. Long ago, evil wizards or cultists built gates linking certain terrible ruins in the normal world with the horrible world of the tsochari. Through these ancient gates, the tsochari steal into the world to roam human lands and infiltrate human society. Humanoids of interest -- favored minions, powerful allies, or hapless captives -- are sometimes taken back through these gates to the tsochar world. By all accounts, it is a place of numbing cold, thin air, shrieking winds, and madness-filled gloom, where monsters far worse than tsochari stalk the ruins of antediluvian civilizations.

Tsochar incursions are, thankfully, rare. Either the tsochari are not a numerous race, or they are limited in their ability to use the world-spanning gates that allow them to enter the human world. They are not as prevalent or dangerous as powerful aberration civilizations such as those of the aboleths or mind flayers, and not as individually powerful or as commonplace as the dreadful beholders. The tsochari pose a different sort of threat, one of infiltration and assassination. The common folk of a human land have little to fear from the tsochari, but the learned arcanists and mages have reason to be worried -- if they suspect they are being watched.

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