Excerpts 07/09/2004

Serpent Kingdoms
By Ed Greenwood, Eric L. Boyd, and Darrin Drader

Throughout recorded history, the humans of Faerûn have feared the Scaled Ones -- those sentient snake and lizard races whose cultures, magic, weapons, cities, and visible accomplishments rival those of humanoids. Fireside terror tales tell of slithering death, unblinking eyes, and fangs in the night, and a few even hint a the serpentfolks' fell plans to enslave all other races. Serpent Kingdomsoffers a detailed examination of the Scaled Ones: lizardfolk, nagas, yuan-ti, and their sinister creator race, the sarrukh. Our sneak peek at this Forgotten Realms accessory explores deities and villains, monsters and feats.

Pleassse, sstep inssside. . .

From Chapter 9: Feats

Gape of the Serpent [Monstrous]

Like a snake, you can stretch your mouth to an outlandish extent to accommodate immense prey.

Prerequisite: Swallow whole special attack.

Benefit: You can swallow a creature of up to your own size category. Swallowing a creature as big as yourself, however, is a time-consuming process. Once you have established a hold against such a creature, you make a new grapple check as usual, but success indicates only that you have begun to swallow. On the following round, you must make an additional grapple check to complete the swallowing. The held creature can fight or try to break the grapple as normal while you are attempting to swallow it.

Normal: Unless otherwise noted, a creature can swallow opponents up to one size category smaller than itself.

Special: Your gullet can hold one creature of the maximum size. Other maximum numbers of swallowed creatures remain the same.

Improved Spit [Monstrous]

You can spit farther than normal.

Prerequisites: Precise Shot and Spit Venom, spit attack, or spittle attack.

Benefit: The range of your spit attack doubles.

Special: You may take Improved Spit multiple times. Each time you take the feat, the range of your spit attack increases by an amount equal to its original range.

Narrowed Gaze [Monstrous]

Your gaze attack has a limited field of effect.

Prerequisites: Int 13, gaze attack.

Benefit: You may choose to limit your gaze attack to an active gaze. Doing so prevents you from accidentally affecting friends with your gaze.

Normal: A gaze attack functions constantly on all those within range, and it can also be used actively as an attack action.

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