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Fastplay Characters
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Fastplay characters are primarily designed to be played and advanced by players who need a character, but have little experience with Dungeons & Dragons, or those who don't have time to construct one. Fastplay characters are keyed to specific Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures. If you play a fastplay character using that miniature, it unlocks a bonus that works exactly like a Campaign Card but is tailored for that character.

Take One for the Team: A player can play one of the fastplay characters but gain experience points for one of his or her own characters. This character swapping is only available with the cleric, fighter, rogue, or wizard fastplay characters and only if no PC at the session has a character with any class levels of the fastplay character's class.

Level Kick: It's never too late to join Xen'drik Expeditions. As the campaign moves forward, so does the level of play. Periodic level kicks increase the starting level for characters joining the campaign. Existing characters also advanced to the new campaign level. Fastplay characters are also updated.

Levels: 1st | 4th | 7th | 10th

Blackwheel Company (4th Level)
Gnoll Fighter
Warforged Scout Ranger
Human Ranger - House Tharashk
Shifter Scout

Cabal of Shadows (4th Level)
Tiefling Duskblade
Drow Sorcerer

Crimson Codex (4th Level)
Half-elf Bard
Human Wizard (Diviner)

Covenant of Light (4th Level)
Aasimar Knight
Half-elf Cleric

Any Faction (4th Level)
Human Fighter (Archer)
Half-orc Barbarian
Elf Cleric
Elf Druid
Human Fighter
Kobold Monk
Human Paladin
Elf Ranger
Human Rogue
Changeling Rogue
Changeling Wizard (Archer)

Download Them All (4th Level)
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