Character Tracker Update

Recently, the RPGA upgraded its database to a new system. As a result of that upgrade, the Xen’drik Expeditions character tracking information has become obsolete. Since the campaign has concluded, we will be turning off character tracking for the campaign, but you can still play the finale adventures through the end of 2008.

DMs can continue to award characters XP and gold to add to their Equipment Value (EV) by using the information listed below.

Adventure Name Success Partial Success/Failure
Faction Adventure #10 and
EXP-7 Nightfall on Sorrowdusk
9,000 XP / 28,000 gp 6,000 XP / 18,000 gp
Faction Adventure #11 and
EXP-8 The Dead of Night
12,000 XP / 36,000 gp 8,000 XP / 24,000 gp
Faction Adventure #12 15,000 XP / 50,000 gp 10,000 XP / 32,000 gp
EXP-9 Endgame 40,000 XP / 120,000 gp 27,000 XP / 80,000 gp

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