Xen'drik Expeditions06/02/2008

Special Campaign Level Kick
Options at Origins

With the fast-approaching finale of Xen'drik Expeditions set to premiere at Origins, our desire to give you all plenty of time to enjoy all the adventures, and database/manpower considerations, we announce the following:

There will not be an automatic level bump to 13th level (and 110,000 gp) at Origins. The adventures premiering there will support characters from 11th through 16th. However, if you are lower than 13th level and wish to bump your character to 13th level, you can do so.

In addition, adventures that premiered at (or after) Dungeons & Dragons Experience 2008 will remain available for ordering. They will remain playable through 12/31/08. This gives you time to enjoy them all, play the DM's Marks in any order you desire, etc.

This means it is possible to bump your character to 13th level and then go back and play some of the previous adventures. Your character will still display the current level and equip value (EV) without your manual level kick, and will continue to accrue EV and XP. In order to increase your level or EV, you need to exceed 13th level or 110,000 EV. Example: A player with an 11th-level character with 80,000 EV decides to become 13th level/110,000 EV to play the finale adventures. After an adventure, the character becomes 12th level with 92,000 EV. Since these totals are still below the manual adjustment the player made to the character, they continue to use the values they adjusted to until such time as they exceed 13th level and/or 110,000 EV.

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