10th-Level Fastplay Characters
D&D Campaigns

Blackwheel Company (10th Level)
Raeln Robue
Thr'shk Ranger

Cabal of Shadows (10th Level)
Xor'valat Ranger/Impure Prince

Crimson Codex (10th Level)
Bellah Grovet Rogue/Invisible Blade
Rev Sorcerer/Wizard/Ultimate Magus

Covenant of Light (10th Level)
Kaerah Favored Soul
Ravenaar Knight

Any Faction (10th Level)
Rith Sorcerer
Vervul Cleric
Raefjin Fighter
Kelden Rogue

Download Them All (10th Level)
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Up Coming Level Kick

Campaign Level: 10th Level
Base Equip Value: 49,000 gp
Applied: D&D Experience,
February 28, 2008

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