Campaign Cards: Summer and Fall 2007
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Forged in summer's furnace, the RPGA magewrights produced the third set of Campaign Cards for the Eberron campaign, Xen'drik Expeditions. The five cards in this set shipped out as part of the 2007 D&D Rewards summer mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

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Breaking the Mold Set 3 Card 1: Creation
Breaking the Mold.

“They say breeding will tell. I say breeding is only the beginning. Where you go from birth is your own decision!”
- Shiv, warforged scout member of the Cabal of Shadows

You do not fit in with your peers. Your kind normally serves other masters but you refuse to fit within such a narrow view of the world.

Benefit: You may spend this card and your first level expansion item slot to select a race or class normally limited to one faction and apply it to another during character creation. For example, this card and one expansion slot would allow you to play a knight in the Blackwheel Company or a spellscale in the Covenant of Light. Only one choice can be made; you cannot choose both a race and a class with the use of this card.

Address of Authority Set 3 Card 2: General Linked
Address of Authority.

“Blades to the fore, form a wall. Archers and mages hit their rear lines, concentrate on a single caster until he falls! Courage and discipline!”
- Findecano Taralom

Your rank and experience within a military organization such as the Blackwheel Company grants you the ability to motivate your troops even under the direst of circumstances.

Benefit: You can spend this card to increase the range of any aura you possess by 10 feet for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum of 1). If you have Presence of Command in your in your campaign card stack, you may spend Presence of Command in conjunction with Address of Authority in order to increase the radius by 20 feet and increase the value of your aura’s bonus by 1 for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum of 1).

Insightful Reaction Set 3 Card 3: General
Insightful Reaction.

“When you know your enemy, you need not fear them.”
- Zeke Brithlestone, bard adventurer

Benefit: When you start your turn threatened by a creature, you can spend this card plus one other action point to make a Knowledge check of the type appropriate against that kind of creature as a swift action, such as Knowledge (religion) for undead. That Knowledge check can be used as your Armor Class against that creature for one round, if the check is higher than your Armor Class.

Chapbook Notes Set 3 Card 4: Item, Linked
Chapbook Notes.

“The path is clear if you open your eyes and your mind.”
- Ohnal Caldyn, Crimson Codex Founder

Prerequisite: Crimson Codex, Stormrider’s Chapbook (999YK Edition)

Benefit: By spending both Stormrider’s Chapbook and this card, you gain the benefit of having studied Ohnal Caldyn’s view of the draconic Prophecy. Your study of the Prophecy has given you a second sight. As an immediate action, you can either add an insight bonus to your next initiative roll equal to your Intelligence bonus or you can avoid being flat-footed and flanked for one full round.

Student of Evil Set 3 Card 5: Expansion
Student of Evil.

“I know things found only in your dreams – horrible, nightmarish dreams.”
- Skolin Dail, The Defiance, Cabal of Shadows

You have availed yourself of all the secrets that the Cabal of Shadows has to offer, and powerful knowledge now swims in what remains of your shattered sanity.

Prerequisite: Cabal of Shadows

Benefit: You have learned a great deal about the workings of evil and negative energy. You rebuke and command undead as a 1st-level cleric. If you can already rebuke and command undead, you do so as though you were one level higher.
Student of Evil unlocks the following rules items:

Feats: Black Lore of MoilCA, Font of LifeHH, Improved ToughnessLI, Master of KnowledgeHH, Spirit SenseHH

Prestige Classes: Dread witchHH, true necromancerLI

Spells:Bestow woundHH, summon undead IHH, summon undead IIHH, summon undead IIIHH

Complete Arcana.
CA = Complete Arcane
Heroes of Horror.
HH = Heroes of Horror
Libris Mortis.
LI = Libris Mortis

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