Campaign Cards: Summer and Fall 2007
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Forged in the gathering gloom, the RPGA magewrights produced the fourth set of Campaign Cards for the Eberron campaign, Xen'drik Expeditions. The five cards in this set shipped out as part of the 2007 D&D Rewards fall mailing. Be sure to enroll in D&D Rewards and receive your share of the bounty.

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Droaamish Special Forces Set 4 Card 1: Creation
Droaamish Special Forces Campaign Card.

“Sometimes wholesale massacre is a surgical strike.”
- General Mach Ogdin, White Hand Battalion

With the unspent resources and battle training left from the Last War, the experience of House Deneith and the resourcefulness of a decisive dwarf were all it took for the Blackwheel Company to open her ranks to well-trained troops of any persuasion.

Prerequisite: Blackwheel Company

Benefit: This card unlocks the bugbear race as playable for a member of the Blackwheel Company. The bugbear is a racial template, and grants the associated ability benefits without the additional levels of humanoid. Bugbears are medium-sized creatures that gain +4 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, and -2 Cha. They gain a +3 natural armor bonus, a +4 to Move Silently checks, have a base land speed of 30’, and darkvision out to 60’. Bugbears with this card do not start with the three levels of humanoid. They have a level adjustment penalty of +1 and advance only in class levels.

Knowledge Is Power Set 4 Card 2: General
Knowledge Is Power Campaign Card.

“The secrets of the prophecy are mine!”
- Brother Justain the Seeker

You have spent countless hours digging through lore concerning the Draconic Prophecy and have learned to tap that knowledge to power your spellcasting.

Benefit: You may spend this card to use your skill ranks in Knowledge (arcana) as your caster level when making a caster level check or dispel check.

Dark Sympathy Set 4 Card 3: General
Dark Sympathy Campaign Card.

“There is light in all things. You just have to know where to look!”
- Serathane Brightborn, Paladin of the Silver Flame

Like a moth to a flame, you have a tendency to get closer to evil than you should. While this might consume you one day, it has yielded a unique gift… for now.

Prerequisite: Good alignment

Benefit: Though you are dedicated to good, you have an understanding for those of evil alignment. Spend this card when you attempt to use Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive against an evil humanoid. You gain a +4 competence bonus to the skill check. If the opponent is not evil, you do not receive the bonus.

Ancestral Echoes Set 4 Card 4: General
Ancestral Echoes Campaign Card.

“You revere your ancestors. I speak to mine. And they speak back. All the time. Even at night. When I am trying to sleep.”
- Dawn, Revenant Blade

You have a special gift for channeling the spirits of your ancestors. Others see this as the sign of a charmed life. You know better.

Benefit: Spend this card to ask your ancestors a question and make a Knowledge skill check with a +5 competence bonus, even if you have no ranks in that Knowledge skill. For the next day, you suffer a –2 circumstance penalty to Concentration checks and any Intelligence or Wisdom based skill checks due to the constant (and often conflicting) voices in your mind. You may not spend this card if you are under the negative effects of the card.
This card can also be spent to have the voices of your ancestors reveal an adventure secret. You suffer the same skill check penalties if the card is spent in this manner.

Infernal Consort Set 4 Card 5: General
Infernal Consort Campaign Card.

“Uh, a little bird told me.””
- Anonymous member of the Covenant of Light

Long ago a member of your family made a deal with an infernal creature. While the creature has no hold over you, its debt to your family remains. You know the secret to summoning and compelling the creature.

Benefit: To enact the power of your infernal consort, you must spend this card and two action points. You perform a ten minute ritual involving burning a drop of your own blood in an open flame and intoning a dark incantation. This summons an imp who remains for one minute. You can force the imp to cast commune for you, but you can only compel him ask one question on your behalf. The imp truthfully gives you the answer to your one question before departing to the nether realms from which he came.
You may only have one Infernal Consort in your card stack.

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