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Dispel Confusion Vol. 1, No. 2
October 2007

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All references to the three Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks refer to the version 3.5. The following are official changes to the Xen’drik Expeditions Campaign Standards v.3.0 arising from questions asked on the Xen’drik Expeditions forum and at Gen Con. Future versions of the Xen’drik Expeditions Campaign Standards will account for the following errata.

Eyes of the Lich Queen

Q: The Xen’drik Expeditions campaign has broken up Eyes of the Lich Queen into four adventures. With the first two parts retired, can I still play parts three and four if I have not played the first two?

A: Yes. You have two options, both of which are acceptable before you start part three. You either play parts one and two out simply for the fun of it and to get the back-story or you may have your DM summarize what occurred in parts one and two and begin part three from there. These rules should be summarized in the adaptation for part three as well.

Q: Are there any story objects in part one or two that you need to finish the adventure? If so, how do I complete the adventure without them?

A: There is one story object that is crucial to play and which one it is should be clear the DM. If it is not, these rules will also be summarized in the adaptation for part three. The DM should give the PC or PCs that story object and track it on each character’s adventure journal. This is a “phantom story object” that functions only for part three and four of Eyes of the Lich Queen. Any story objects gained from parts three or four that build off it or the PCs’ actions using this story object are tracked and treated normally.

Q: Can I switch characters between parts of Eyes of the Lich Queen?

A: No. The only you might play a different PC in another of this adventure is if your other PC permanent dies or is retired in the database. In this case, you follow the rules above for starting in between portions of this adventure.


Q: The descriptions of Extraordinary Artisan on page 8 and page 19 disagree as to how this feat works in Xen’drik Expeditions. Which is correct?

A: The description on page 8 is correct. If you have this feat you craft consumable items for x2 the published cost and permanent items for 1/2 cost.

Q: For those who took Favored in House, what are the potential options at levels 7 and higher?

A: Use this expanded table instead:

Favored in House Check Results:

Levels 1-3
Check Result Benefit
10 Acidic fire (ECS 120) and targath necklace (ECS 127)
13 Potion of cure light wounds, scroll of obscuring mist, and healer’s kit
16 Potion of bear’s endurance and oil of magic weapon, OR masterwork armor (light or medium).
19 Adventure secret and 2 potions of cure light wounds, OR adventure secret and masterwork cold iron weapon (longsword or morningstar)
22 Elixir of truth, potion of enlarge person, and 4 sleep arrows
24 Cloak of resistance +1, scroll of blur, and potion of bull’s strength

Levels 4-6
Check Result Benefit
10 Thunderstone, tanglefoot bag, and potion of aid
13 Potion of cure moderate wounds, scroll of glitterdust, and masterwork thieves tools
16 Potion of bear’s endurance and 2 +1 arrows or bolts, OR +1 armor of fortification (light, medium, or heavy)
19 Adventure secret and 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, OR adventure secret, potion of cat’s grace, and 10 adamantine & 10 alchemical silver arrows/bolts
22 Ring of protection +1 and +1 flaming weapon (longsword or morningstar)
24 Bead of force and dust of disappearance

Levels 7-10
Check Result Benefit
10 Noxious smokestick (ECS 121), tanglefoot bag and 10 byeshk (ECS 126) arrows
13 Potion of cure serious wounds, scroll of sleet storm, and masterwork manacles
16 Potion of fly and 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, OR +1 flametouched (ECS 127) armor of light fortification (light, medium or heavy)
19 Adventure secret and 2 potions of haste, OR adventure secret, potion of bear’s endurance, and masterwork riedran crysteel weapon (longsword or morningstar)
22 Amulet of natural armor +2, OR +1 flaming, keen weapon (longsword or dagger)
24 Keoghtom’s ointment and necklace of fireballs II

Levels 11-13
Check Result Benefit
10 2 tanglefoot bags, identification and travel papers (ECS 122-123) with a false identity, and potion of cure light wounds
13 Potion of cure serious wounds, scroll of stone shape, and masterwork weapon of your choice from the PHB, Table 7-5: Weapons
16 Potion of fly and 2 potions of lesser restoration, OR +1 flametouched (ECS 127) armor of light fortification and acid resistance (light, medium, or heavy)
19 Adventure secret and potion of good hope and potion of water breathing, OR adventure secret, potion of shield of faith +4, and 20 +1 adamantine arrows made from byeshk (ECS 126) or silver (your choice)
22 Amulet of health +2, OR cloak of resistance +3
24 2 javelins of lightning, OR necklace of fireballs III

Prestige Class Special Requirements

Q: How strict is the membership in the "Manifest Spellshapers" requirement for the Mastery feat from Player's Guide to Eberron? Can you just say "I joined" or do you have to get campaign documentation?

A: Joining organizations such as the Manifest Spellshapers require you to meet all the requirements. In addition to the skill rank requirements, the section on “Joining the Manifest Spellshapers” requires the locating of a suitable mentor. These sorts of things can be handled by a DM’s Mark and covered by notes in your adventure journal.


Q: Shouldn’t Complete Champion be in the list of allowed optional sources?

A: Yes it should. Complete Champion is allowed as an optional source.

Q: I see that Boccob's blessed book is restricted, but Aureon's spellshard is not. Since they do effectively the same thing, shouldn’t it also be restricted.

A: You are correct, that one slipped by us. Add Aureon's spellshard to the list of restricted magic items.

Q: There appears to be no clarification that consumables purchased during an adventure cost 5 times the published price? Do they?

A: Unless a mod tells you otherwise (and on occasion some will let you purchase specific items for less), all consumables always cost the campaign cost (5 times the published price). You do not save money by waiting to spend your EV on consumables after the adventure has begun.

Q: Only crawling tattoos can be unlocked? What about standard psionic tattoos?

A: Both crawling and regular psionic tattoos can be unlocked using expansion slots following the rules listed for crawling psionic tattoos in the campaign standards.

Q: Psionic tattoos are unlocked, but what about dorjes?

A: Characters that have the entire Expanded Psionics Handbook unlocked through a Campaign Card may purchase dorjes of any legal power from the Expanded Psionics Handbook for the appropriate price. Other characters, who have not unlocked the entire EPH through the use of campaign card or those who have but desire a dorjes using a power from a different source, must unlock each unique dorjes for each power at the cost of one Expansion Slot each.

Q: Under the Restricted heading on page 20 there is a note that says these items are Restricted even if found on a story object. There have been some story objects that circumvent this list. Could you clarify what the restriction means about story objects?

A: The note should be amended to read, “The following rules items may never be used by a PC, unless access is found on a story object. These items may never appear on a character’s list of expansion items.”

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