Xen'drik Expeditions10/01/2007

7th-Level Fastplay Characters
D&D Campaigns

Blackwheel Company (7th Level)
Warforged Scout Scout
Lizardfolk Ranger

Cabal of Shadows (7th Level)
Goblin Ninja/Assassin
Daelkyr Half Blood Ranger/Impure Prince

Crimson Codex (7th Level)
Halfling (Lightfoot) Rogue/Thief Acrobat
Changeling Sorcerer/Wizard/Ultimate Magus

Covenant of Light (7th Level)
Human Favored Soul
Human Knight

Any Faction (7th Level)
Warforged Wizard
Gnome (Rock) Cleric
Orc Knight
Elf (High) Spellthief

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