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Fastplay Cabal of Shadows
2007 Summer Level Kick

Between June 25th and July 15th, Xen'drik Expeditions is running two polls each week for the price of one. Help us select the next batch of fastplay characters for releases with the level kick preceding Gen Con Indy. Be sure to vote in both polls each week. The fastplay characters will be posted shortly before Gen Con Indy.

Vote for your favorite Cabal of Shadows character from the list below.

Flav the Knife
Goblin ninja 5/assassin 2
Str 6 Dex 18 Con 14 Int 16 Wis 8 Cha 6
Flav doesn’t remember much of his solitary childhood, only that life on the streets of Stormreach is tough, and stealth can overcome strength in any dispute. An expert in poisons and execution, Flav joined the Cabal of Shadows for the safety of numbers they offer misfits and murderers.
“If you see Flav before you’re dead, Flav did something wrong.”

Changeling cleric 7
Str 8 Dex 14 Con 11 Int 8 Wis 17 Cha 14
Glove is a cleric of the Traveler who believes that nothing should stay the same. He changes faces constantly, rarely wearing one for more than a few minutes unless necessary. He is devoted to bringing about a manifestation of the Traveler on Eberron and seeks to emulate him as much as possible. Indeed, Glove often gives small gifts that later turn sour to the receiver: from a poisoned apple to a stolen watch whose owner is right around the corner.
“I have just the gift for you. It will change your life!”

Kalashtar wilder 7
Str 8 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 8 Cha 18
Linitari has embraced madness as a refuge from the fight against the Quori. Her personalities and her psicrystal struggle against each other for control of her psyche, with flickers of her Quori progenitor occasionally crushing both of them. One moment she is meek as a small child and next her passions flare to the surface in whirlwind of rage. No one knows what to expect from this crazed Kalashtar.
“Would you like to play a game? I would like to play a game. YOU WILL PLAY MY GAME!”

Xor’valat of the Demon Wastes
Daelkyr half-blood ranger 5/impure prince 2
Str 14 Dex 15 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 13 Cha 8
Sometimes the aberrations of Xoriat fail to see eye to eye with the Council of the Obscured, and when these disagreements pop up, these unnatural creatures can become dangerous enemies that need to be put down. When this happens, the Cabal dispatches Xor’valat of the Demon Wastes to employ his bow against these foes.
“My arrows always find their mark, and should my three eyes be drawn to you, they will find you as well.”

Resot Rivenblood
Gnome warlock 7
Str 6 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 8 Cha 18
This foul creature is truly touched by the darkness of Mabar. Resot revels in cavorting with creatures from the lower planes and enjoys the frequency with which the Cabal of Shadows makes such things possible. There are few things that Resot will not agree to in order to increase his powers or offer new distractions.
“We can deal; name your offer.”

Half-orc barbarian 3/fighter 2/ranger 2
Str 20 Dex 10 Con 16 Int 6 Wis 8 Cha 6
Grog is not the sharpest of tools wielded by the Cabal, but when pure destruction is needed, he is the tool they reach for. Grog lives to destroy, and even when not in combat he is constant breaking things: from smashing a child’s toy just to make her cry, to carving his name into a tavern’s wooden table. Grog is entropy.
“Grog smash!”

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