Character Rebuild Opportunity
Deadline is December 16

Now that the Xen'drik Expeditions Campaign Standards v1.1 is available, it’s time to make your characters compliant with the new rules. The factionmasters realize that significant changes have taken place to the campaign rules, and thus we are allowing a one-time rebuild. You may change just about anything about your character in order to take advantage of the new options the campaign has opened up for you. This does have some exceptions, consequences, and special considerations especially where the database is concerned. If it isn’t specifically listed below, you may change it.

You cannot change your characters name.

You cannot change your characters starting race.

Starting Campaign Card
You may not change your starting Campaign Card, with one exception. If you have chosen the card People of Mind, Matter, and Radiance in order to play a kalashtar, but you are not psionic, you may choose a different creation card or replace it with the appropriate number of non-creation cards.

Starting Class
You may change your starting class. HQ and the campaign staff are aware that the current incarnation of the database will not allow you to choose some of the new options we have decided to allow; in fact, some of the classes might not even be listed. If you make a new character or register an existing one, choose the closest class listed to your actual choice and proceed with the class you actual desire. For example, you could decide to use expansion slots to make your Covenant of Light character a warlock - an option not previously allowed. Simply choose sorcerer or wizard as they are similar to your actual choice. Record your actual class on your adventure journal. You will no longer be required to have your actual class match the starting class in the database though it must match your adventure journal.

You are encouraged to perform your rebuild as soon as possible, and you must comply with the Xen'drik Expedition Campaign Standards v1.1 by December 16, 2006 at the latest.

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